Dec 28, 2007
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Code Snippets

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Feb 20, 2012

This is actually a snippet from a much larger project called "XeroBot" im working on. However I couldn't find a bot autojoin system on here that suited my taste's specifically, So I decided to code my own, aswell as release it here for you guys to critique/user/whatever. Everything should function correctly, had to do a LITTLE butchering to it to make it stand alone, as the full snippet use's alot..

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Sep 20, 2009

Program i made for a friend to manage his programs and such, thought id post it here :P. just one question that i cant figure out, I need to figure out how to add error checking, like making the script halt if they try to click run and nothing is selected. would if be like

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Aug 12, 2009
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Ok since you guys cant benefit from my YVDA snippet, this one is something you guys can see and use (maybe idk) this manages decks "Doesnt auto load decks you select a file and it assumes its your deck, hell you could use LOLZORS.TXT as your deck file and it wont effect the script" it manages wins/loss's threw a hash table and also allows you to display your record. anyways hope you enjoy.

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Aug 11, 2009
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Another script for XeroChat, this one manages your remotes :D. i find it very useful, and i use it all the time, Also shows information on the script in top right corner. Also Fixed my run error, /help /run ftfw. Please rate/Download/Comment Thank You. :D

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Aug 10, 2009
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Well this is an expansion of my Text File System this one is ALOT more advanced. it now rocks a dialog, it also has more extensions that just .txt, this one also keeps track of all your triggers and not just one. For educational purpose's ill keep my old one up. in case people prefer simplicity over this. Anyways enjoy.

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Aug 02, 2009
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system is user friendly, even if you dont specify your directory's perfectly, the script will search for your decks and yvd.exe, but the more accurate you are with specifying them, the faster and more efficient the snippet is.

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Aug 02, 2009
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Now onto this snippet. Made this for a friend who wanted a script like !Fact or !joke and wanted to quickly change between them. It will tell you when you load it how to use it, but for kicks and giggles heres the syntax: /Trigger : will set you trigger, Example [ /Trigger !Joke ] would set !joke for your trigger.

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Dec 29, 2007
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Put in remotes, " ALT + R " And now when a user joins the channel it sets a random number, and if that number is within a certain perimeter it gives them a certain power >:D enjoy

HeatedHeart created a Page  -  Dec 29, 2007
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Put in remotes, " ALT + R " And When Ever a User Starts in it "inc"rease's The %Counter Variable and at certain number of runs it will display a message of how Grateful you are, i also have a $rand version but this would be easy for others to edit and/or use. Thank you ^^

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