Dec 12, 2007


MoshMage   -  May 19, 2013

Wasn't there a Forum of some kind? IT would help me a bunch now.
I coded a framework, or at least I think it's a framework, and i'd like to know if it's in a MCV context because.. I really don't know. And here's the reason:
The thing (lets call it FW) loads every "module" that's inside modules/ folder and each module/module_name/ has a template/ folder inside where it has a butload of design/HTML related files (with a few echos here and there). The main folder (where the main index.php lies) has a template/ folder also where it has styles and website layout (as well as echoing the modules content). I could copy-paste the whole file structure but i'm not sure how it would present itself as I've never used this "Star Thread" thingy.

Anyhow, from my description: does it sound like a MCV Framework?

MoshMage   -  Feb 02, 2011

@Kimico Não me digas q usas-te o google alerts? xD manda-me uma PM com email ou something, que isto de falar aqui é chunga xD

MoshMage   -  Feb 01, 2011

@Kimico EITA CUM CRL! ainda tás vivo man?

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