Dec 12, 2007

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MoshMage created a Page  -  Jun 19, 2013
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Returns true if the inputed string is alphanumeric (either letters or numbers) after ignoring chosen chars. The snippet makes use of str_replace and the original ctype_alnum.

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MoshMage created a Page  -  Aug 06, 2012
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hit !deal and bot shall deal a complete random hand. if you want more cards per hand just change the line

MoshMage created a Page  -  Aug 05, 2011

This is supposed to help you play Uno @ irc.

MoshMage created a Page  -  Mar 08, 2011

for attempting porpuses. it seems /hadd already does it.

MoshMage created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2011

It's a Friend System based on ident or realname.

MoshMage created a Page  -  Feb 04, 2011

Script will answer to /slap with costume action OR will proceed to steal whatever was used to slap and count it as trout stolen :)

MoshMage created a Page  -  Jan 30, 2011

use !seek to seek any away (or idle for over than 30m) user in channel and if there is one, it'll deop the user.

MoshMage created a Page  -  Jan 28, 2011
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mAway is based on Popups and not on dialogs (they're too troublesome to make and code for such a simple thing.) and since i wanted something fast and easy to use, popups are the thing.

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