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Rebellious commented on a Page, anti flood at it's simplest  -  Jan 30, 2008

You\'re completely right as to how I explained what my code does. I was brief and too vague. I also agree with you that new scripters would look at that code and be like \"wtf\"? However, I think that scripters should apply themselves. There is a helpfile, there are tutorials. And if some users took the time to experiment and try out the codes I used in different scripts, etc. then they would have an understanding.

I think that users should apply themselves as they would for education or something that they feel to be passionate about. If they can accomplish that, then they become more advanced. They would
probably be given ways to script better when they posted a script for reviewing. Thus, they\'d learn some time.

But, it depends on the way a user takes the pace of learning. So, I can\'t really be too judgmental of this> :O

Anyway, I was just trying to post a way that it could be accomplished cleaner and attempted for users to understand. But I guess that didn\'t work too well XD.

Rebellious commented on a Page, anti flood at it's simplest  -  Jan 30, 2008

I\'ve created an alternative to your script, commentary included:

on *:text:<whatever regex/command here>:#:{ 
  ; the above will match a command like any normal bot script
  var %n $iif($($+(%,command,.,$wildsite,.,#),2),$v1,0)
  ; we use a local variable and a global variable here
  ; I like to store the data of a global variable in a local one
  ; Just so that we can use it later.
  if (%n != 0) { 
    inc -z $+(%,command,.,$wildsite,.,#) 15
    ; inc -z acts a sort of countdown. It will count down from fifteen each second
    ; put all your commands here
  elseif (%n > 5) { msg $nick <message here> }
  ; Remember how I said inc -z counts down? Well, if the user uses the command in a range of 10 seconds
  ; then the command won\'t be used and the user will be notified with what ever the message was

You should really tell users to replace .msg with the commands they want to use. As you don\'t include that in your introduction.

I\'ve also read some of the comments on here. The ratings aren\'t very backed up with reason, and the some of the comments are very odd. Cheiron, if you want to improve your scripting and appeal to new scripters, than you should apply the most clean and advanced method as you can; whilst applying yourself in the process. So about the set -u drama, Solo\'s point is true. However, I don\'t agree with him for the most part.

I find that this can be a very useful script, and that your ideas, Cheiron, are excellent and your snippets have a fantastic vision. It\'s just the scripting that needs a bit of reworking.

As to my previous comment on the ratings, I am going to expand on that a bit more. I really believe a well given rating should consist of explanations on your views of error checking, thought/creativity, the documentation, and the scripting style.

As this script is now, I\'d have to give it a 4. The idea has been said in many comments before (Ex: \"add a flood protection\"), and that the scripting style is poor and needs to be redone. I find that the documentation is very poor, as it does not mention vital things to the script. The reason I\'d give this is a 4 and not say.. a 2 is that the idea is directed at the new users and that the author is trying to give users ideas and a simple tutorial.

I hope you can agree with my views on this, and not take this personally in any way.

Good luck!

Rebellious commented on a Page, My little Away System  -  Jan 06, 2008

/unset %var1 %var2 Had nothing to do with colors. It means you can just use unset %off.niks %off.iemesls instead of:

unset %off.niks
unset %off.iemesls

Also, if you want colors doesn\'t mean others want them. Maybe make colors configurable.

I know i said that text in like a shit, reason: i dont write good in english, because im latvian. :) Ah, that\'s not as improtant as improving you\'re coding right now. Just a little side something. Maybe try to add optional english when update this a lot. You may not write good in english, but it\'s worth the effort and I am sure some users would prefer bad english to an entirely different language.
Btw, I really am not trying to sound harsh. It\'s just constructive criticism. :P

Good luck on this. ^^

Rebellious commented on a Page, mp3  -  Jan 05, 2008

Anyone got any more comments? =( Thinking about recoding this.

Rebellious commented on a Page, AP acronyms addon  -  Jan 05, 2008

Works fine for me. Just a couple things that could be reworked and added.

1) Your input event should include an if ($active != Status Window), because your input event will message anywhere.
2) There should be support for notices & actions.
3) I think you should replace the menus with buttons. This would make everything easier.
4) The dialog should include the ability to disable/enable the module from there, and not the menu popup.
5) Sort of an addition to 4, you don\'t tell users that you can only disable/enable the script from the menu. This is not as imperative, but some might use the alias instead of the menu. ;)

Like I said, needs some improvement. However, this could turn out to be a neat script. Good work and Good luck. :)

Rebellious commented on a Page, My little Away System  -  Jan 05, 2008

I really hope to see an update. Because this looks a bit simple... :P

Anyway, I would make the language english, or at least make it optional. You can also make the /unset command in one line. (e.g /unset %var1 %var2) Also, the colors can get very irritable. I\'d remove those. Other than that, it does work, gj.

Rebellious commented on a Page, mp3  -  Jan 05, 2008

Sorry for the extremely late response here. Anyway, what error are you receiving? That way I can help you. Also, if you think something is wrong with the prev button, please read the introduction first. As I stated above, it will go back to the last song played, and NOT the song before the currently selected song in the list.

Hope you find the problem. :)

Rebellious commented on a Page, $lentok()  -  Jan 03, 2008

It works very nicely, but just a little bug. It takes C into account when using $len. I would use $remove to remove character C from the output. =)

Rebellious commented on a Page, Bot dictionary  -  Jan 01, 2008

Well, try it out. /testnick bell and see what you get. ;)

Rebellious commented on a Page, Bot dictionary  -  Jan 01, 2008

why \"if ($nick [b]iswm] %myowner) {\" ?

someone could simply use a similar nick to the owner and delete every word ... and for the other if\'s, u should use ==

No, not really. It would have to use $+(,%myowner,) or something similar to match the nick. Just %myowner would make the script make sure it was positively %myowner.

Try it using something like this:

alias testnick { 
  if ($1 iswm Rebellious) { echo -a Match! }
  else { echo -a No match! }

/testnick Rebellious would return Match! while /testnick Rebellious1 would return No match!

But yes, this snippet has a LOT of room for improvement.

Rebellious created a Page  -  Dec 29, 2007

Yes, I know it isn't the MDX version of the player I was going to release. That project has been halted till further notice.

Rebellious commented on a Page, $ischanmode  -  Dec 25, 2007

.. Very simple =(

Rebellious commented on a Page, $char  -  Dec 23, 2007

Very nice job on this.

Rebellious commented on a Page, $spellcheck  -  Dec 21, 2007

Now uses sockets.

Here is the COM version in case you care. Same syntax and all:

alias spellcheck { 
  if ($1) && ($1 isalpha) { 
    if (!$comerr) { 
      if ($com(spellcheck)) .comclose spellcheck
      .comopen spellcheck Word.Application
      .echo -q $com(spellcheck,CheckSpelling,1,string,$1) 
      return $com(spellcheck).result
  var %e = .echo -ac info * $!spellcheck:
  if (!$1) %e no parameters
  elseif ($1 !isalpha) %e insufficient parameters
Rebellious commented on a Page, $spellcheck  -  Dec 21, 2007

That\'s odd. I hadn\'t received that long of a delay at all. Personally, I have never really experimented with Sockets so I\'m not sure how to use them. I will try to research about them and generate a new version ASAP.

Rebellious created a Page  -  Dec 21, 2007

Very simple spell checker using basic sockets to spellcheck a word. $spellcheck()

Rebellious commented on a Page, Equation Solver - $solve  -  Dec 21, 2007

.. [.code] and [./code] without the .\'s ;)

Rebellious commented on a Page, Equation Solver - $solve  -  Dec 21, 2007

The BBCODE tags are just

Rebellious commented on a Page, $readiniwm()  -  Dec 21, 2007


Now made the data stored in a temporary hash table so that the variable doesn\'t receive an error if the list gets lengthy.

Rebellious commented on a Page, $readiniwm()  -  Dec 20, 2007

Why thank you mountaindew. :P

Rebellious created a Page  -  Dec 20, 2007

Snippet that reads from an ini based on wildcards. Also returns a list of matched items alternatively.

Rebellious commented on a Page, $varwm() & /varwm  -  Dec 20, 2007

Tyvm, appreciate the feedback.

Rebellious commented on a Page, Equation Solver - $solve  -  Dec 20, 2007

Excellent. It seems to work now. :)

Rebellious commented on a Page, Chr Code List  -  Dec 20, 2007

.. ;)

Constructive version of that comment:

1) Nothing really original about the snippet, there are many others on here, why not include something different from the others?
2) Adding on to the above, it lacks features (as many on here due). Maybe add a clipboard. :)

Rebellious commented on a Page, Equation Solver - $solve  -  Dec 20, 2007

another example: $solve(4x=20) returned $false

Sorry for the d-post.

Rebellious commented on a Page, Equation Solver - $solve  -  Dec 20, 2007

I got the same error on many different mIRC\'s (Primarily 6.21 & 6.31), another example: $solve(4x=20)

Rebellious commented on a Page, Chr Code List  -  Dec 20, 2007

And this code isnt that great TBH. Agreed.

And yes, it does go to 256 if you include the null character. ;)

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