Apr 26, 2013


Menteroth   -  Jan 04, 2015

I've tried searching but can't really find it anywhere so I'm asking here.

If I want to change how the "* Disconnected" message looks what do I need to do?

Menteroth   -  Nov 20, 2013

How do I check if a @window exists?

I am echoing text to another window on :input: but it echoes in active window if there is no existing window.

if (@window == $true) echo bla bla bla
else return

Menteroth   -  Oct 20, 2013

Hello people. I would like to ask for some help to create a script. Actually it's more than just help. If anyone could create this socket script for me I would be much appreciated. Never played around with socket scripts and am really new to scripts in general.

When you search for someone on this is what you get. Because of the different regions you don't get the profile page instantly. But this is enough info anyway.


I would like to get this info sent to the channel when triggered.

Like usage: !elo euw menterothh
and it would return like:

Menterothh - EUW - Level: 30 - League: Silver I - Rating: 1456 - Wins: 152 - Losses: 137 - KDA: 4/4.2/10.7 The three regions I would like to have are "Europe West", "Europe Nordic & East" and "North America". Which will be abbreviated to EUW, EUNE and NA in the response. If it's not too much it would be nice to have responses if nothing is typed after the command, region isn't matched with EUW, EUNE or NA and if nickname is missing so people in the channel understand what they are doing wrong if they don't get a response from the bot. Thanks in advance.
Menteroth   -  Oct 20, 2013

how can I change the $replace part to replace "mentbot" with a random nick existing in the channel?

on *:TEXT:*:#todstream: {
  write -i todstream.txt $replace($1-,mentbot,$nick)
  var %r = $rand(1,26)
  var %r2 = $rand(1,42)
  set %randomtalk %r
  set %randommatch %r2
  if (%randomtalk == %randommatch) msg #todstream $read(todstream.txt,n)
  .echo 14(00 $+ $time $+ 14) 15 todstream -- The current 00text15 variable is %randomtalk and we are looking for %randommatch 
Menteroth   -  Oct 09, 2013

Does anyone know of any script that does this or perhaps can create one?
Wanted to have this on a bot. Thanks in advance.

Menteroth   -  Sep 25, 2013

does anyone happen to have the mIRC script "hamsteR ereeT" laying around somewhere?
tried searching for it with no luck. would be much appreciated.

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