Jun 06, 2004
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SL created a Page  -  Jan 06, 2005

this is just a litle snippet I wrote for some1 and decided to share it to all. Hope some of you are able to use it

SL commented on a Page, -=- Simple Auto Ident -=-  -  Nov 20, 2004
SL commented on a Page, Smiles  -  Nov 17, 2004

Allso try using $chr as it will be alot beter for eg. a ) is a remote command and some times it screws up if you dont use it coreectly in scripts. So go to help in mIRc and study the $chr its easy.

SL created a Page  -  Nov 16, 2004

This is a easy to use all in one Snippit which will automaticly identify you on 5 diffrent servers and join up to 10 rooms on each server. Well enjoy.

SL created a Page  -  Oct 15, 2004

A small and easy to use snippet. Load it and type /SLAC it will then open the dialog were u can set up everything...Just enter a nick and a pass then when you connect it will automaticly identify you

SL commented on a Page, -.-Nitro V1.5-.-  -  Sep 17, 2004

yes sorry I did not notice that...ok get it here...

SL commented on a Page, _-Whois System-_  -  Sep 13, 2004

/whois you should c its formatted and looks diffrent form what the usual whois does, if you dont know whois command try it 1st before you use the cade, then try the code, you will then c what it really is

SL commented on a Page, New type of spin the bottle  -  Sep 12, 2004

yes I have allso noriced it does that but only if it does not find the opisite sex...but I will fix it soon just do not have the time now

SL commented on a Page, -.-Nitro V1.5-.-  -  Sep 10, 2004

updated :)

SL commented on a Page, nicklist color  -  Sep 08, 2004

Well I have not tested it...but you can just configuremIRC\'s colour without needing any scripts

SL created a Page  -  Sep 08, 2004

Just use ~help to see what to do NOTE : You must join #RacerZ to play

SL commented on a Page, -.-FightClub V1.0-.-  -  Aug 29, 2004

I\'m currantly working on it, Starting in a few hours, got an idea to make it really good...or hope so, it will be more advanced, fights will last longer and player will have health, anyhow it might tae a while but I will do it as soon as posible

SL commented on a Page, -.-Raw Events-.-  -  Aug 29, 2004

Thanx for the reply, but $awaymsg is only to be used for u\'rself and the other persons client wont be able to c it with that so you use a $3- or whatever the case of the clients replying the awaymessage of the person, I am updating it now, I have allot of net commands

SL created a Page  -  Aug 21, 2004

just load it, if mIRC gives an error it should echo it in status, for rawmodes that u find which I have not added please mail me at Allso when u are opped and so on you will say thanx to the person accept if it is chanserv, allso I added a code that will notify you when somebody uses you're name in a channel wich for me is very usefull...

SL created a Page  -  Aug 17, 2004

Easy, paste it, when somebody uses you're ick in a room it will echo in the active that you're nick was said by nick at chan

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SL commented on a Page, -.-Hangman V1.0-.-  -  Aug 15, 2004

mmm, I\'l get working on it soon, or try, I\'m currantly occupied with a server that I am creating and I do not check posts regularry

SL commented on a Page, -.-Seen V1.0-.-  -  Jul 31, 2004

I C what you mean, it wont log me? Well when this snippit started off it was meant to be for a bot, Well u might be able to check out V4.0 allready on if you\'d like, I will try to add what u told me in V5

SL commented on a Page, Simple logging command  -  Jul 31, 2004

try if ($left($1,1) isin $1) { ...

SL commented on a Page, -.-Seen V1.0-.-  -  Jul 31, 2004

I know, But lets say for instance you are gone for3 hours allready...and someone bans you, it will write that u have been banned by??? so many minutes ago, it does not mean you had any action in this, so if you on idle and being banned, kicked etc. it will log even if you did not do anything in this actions

SL commented on a Page, Simple converting badwords to "censored"  -  Jul 30, 2004

right...and did it REALLY work for you?

SL commented on a Page, singing bot  -  Jul 30, 2004

LMFAO...what were you thinking or were you just bored?

SL created a Page  -  Jul 27, 2004

1st of all I have to thank CoNvIcT for the idea...he posted the script in a help section of hawkee and I kinda rescripted it to work like it is working now...Any ideas or comments on this is welcome

SL created a Page  -  Jul 26, 2004

Well We all know what a seen system is now dont just load it...let the bot see a couple of people and so on and do the seen thingy with !seen EGSAMPEL : !seen SL

SL created a Page  -  Jul 25, 2004

Ok 1st of all this is not my code...I edited it...It is Josiah's code and I got his permition to edit it

SL created a Page  -  Jul 24, 2004

Well I fixed a bug of deleting a the previous vertion it said it did delete a line even if it does not exist now it will tell u it does not exist...I allso added a nick who added the quote and a time it was added due to some ppl who reqeusted it, I want to thank all who PM'ed me and I'm willing to hear more Ideas to add...Here you go

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SL commented on a Page, -.-Quote v1.0 VIA Popups-.-  -  Jul 24, 2004

Yes I just received it..give me a few hours to do it..busy with another script thingy...I was away for a day or 2 so all who have sent me a private mesage I will try to do all you\'re requists as soon as possible

SL created a Page  -  Jul 21, 2004

Well all it does is it works ons some smileys eg. you just type :) and it will do it in colour...will add more smileys in the next vertions

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SL commented on a Page, Hacking Quotes  -  Jul 21, 2004

LOL...check my snippet on Quotes and maby make 1 for Hackers so u may add some hackig quotes...o u dont have to add a hackqts.txt but the person qould have to add it by them elves

SL created a Page  -  Jul 21, 2004

This is kinda diffrent from the other quote...the other 1 used to only work with somebody came into my room and requested this here it is and if any1 else needs another type of 1 just do the same :)

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