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Cheiron   -  Apr 06, 2015

I would like a new script please for mirc 6.35. It will be a dual purpose script to show what port / server a user is on only... no other information. ie /showport user = user is connected on server - blah and is using port - blah.
The output for this to be shown in a fixed channel = #Opers
Non ssl port users will have text in red. ssl port users will be shown in green text.

The other part to the script will be for me to see and return what port and client i am on via echo. ie /myport

The only other information i think you might need on this... all of us opers have to be on ssl by default to get oline.
We're on unrealircd 3.2.10 and anope 2 series

Cheiron   -  Jun 14, 2014

Looking for a mirc script please for the older mirc v6.35

I am looking for a script that will allow helpops and higher to leave a memo for each other..
I know there is memoserv ... but we are after one that is mirc driven but only for said ranks to be able to leave a message for each other if they are offline.
The script holder will be be either a HelpOp or have an oline of some description.
I need the script to be able to encrypt the message so that the user hosting the script cannot see the messages being sent.. only the user that sends it and the user that receives it. When the helpop/oper comes online to a named channel .. the script is to pm them to let them know they have a memo
Commands to be

!HelpMemo Send, !HelpMemo Read, !HelpMemo Del

Many thanks

Cheiron   -  Nov 14, 2013

Bit off topic.. but it has coding value so...
I just took delivery of the new ZTE Open Mobile phone today with the new Firefox OS operating system on it.
All the apps and stuff can be made by Joe Public and they're all open source! Might be worth a look into?

Cheiron   -  May 17, 2013

A long while back.. MountainDew made a Hawkee site script for mirc so users could search for scripts on this site via a bot
As the site has been totaly re-vamped now.. could someone possibly overhaul or make a new version to work with the new hawkee site please for a mirc 6.35 bot

Cheiron   -  Dec 19, 2012

Have a good xmas all from us here at CQchat and see you in the new year!

Xmas drinking warning just in...
Vodka and ice will ruin your kidneys.
Rum and ice will ruin your liver.
Whiskey and ice will ruin your heart.
Gin and ice will ruin your brain.
Pepsi and ice will ruin your teeth...

There you have it... Ice is f*&^%^ lethal. warn your friends to lay off the ice and drink neat

Cheiron   -  Jun 30, 2012

any news yet on the forums change.. they are still taking a massive battering from spammers

Cheiron   -  Jun 16, 2012

Do you use editors for coding ... notepad++ , leafpad, etc etc ..?
A good one to check out that covers alot of different coding languages is Bluefish editor

The url for this editor is
it's wiki is
and it supports Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS-X, Windows, OpenBSD and Solaris.

Cheiron   -  Jun 16, 2012

Just a giggle for those that do html coding .. avoid this on IE6


lol lol lol

Cheiron   -  Jun 07, 2012

I know this is off the scale a bit... but to all googlemail/gmail users..
I would visit your account settings and change your passwords and make sure enable https always is set on and extra security measures set asap..
As some of you may or may not know, i teach I.T here in the uk and it has come to my attention today that gmail accounts are being subject to hacking from a multidue of ips across the globe. I had an attempt on mine and i had at least 4 customers into the shop today with same problems..

Just a heads up for you folks :)

Cheiron   -  Jun 01, 2012

Alot of spammers hitting the site since the updates..

Cheiron   -  May 02, 2012

Interesting update to the site Hawkee and nice to see it going from strength to strength

Cheiron   -  Feb 20, 2012

@Hawkee got another flooding script posted .. and its the ClonesX one

Cheiron   -  May 25, 2011

@Hawkee thanks for the update on that Hawkee :)

Cheiron   -  May 24, 2011

@Hawkee will you be looking anytime soon to let us have the ability to delete our own snippets rather than having to pm you all the time to do it ?

Cheiron   -  May 17, 2011

@Hawkee yeap. all good. thanks Hawkee :)

Cheiron   -  May 17, 2011

@Hawkee having massive issues this morning accessing any snippets or even my friends list

Server error
The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

i am getting that from chrome on all snippets and ff wont show anything. time is 08:17am uk time

Cheiron   -  May 06, 2011

@Hawkee ah gotcha .. bit of a pain that :( hopefully you can fix it as its going to be a nightmare to follow stuff otherwise without having like a million emails blastng the inbox

Cheiron   -  May 06, 2011

@Hawkee ok there is one issue still hawkee ..

unsuscribe from email works .. however notices no longer update on topics on subscribed from

Cheiron   -  May 06, 2011

@Hawkee yeap bug fixed Hawkee... at least for this thread anyway.

no mail with your reply so :)

Cheiron   -  May 06, 2011

@Hawkee the unsuscribe feature is not working for me. i am still getting mails

Cheiron   -  May 06, 2011

@Hawkee i tried that Hawkee.. but i still got mail through from when sean replied to this topic

Cheiron   -  May 06, 2011

@Hawkee ah many thanks :)

Cheiron   -  May 06, 2011

@Hawkee how do you stop emails being sent from snippet comments.... i have visted my notices page like the mail says and there is nothing there to stop the mails...

Cheiron   -  May 05, 2011

@Hawkee i have replied Hawkee.. not sure exactly what you needed to see so i did a chunk that included the lot

Cheiron   -  May 05, 2011

@Hawkee yeah all hawkee mails been going to my gmail junk Hawkee .. including this one

Cheiron   -  Apr 27, 2011


advertising spammer on the comment there .. needs removing please :)

Cheiron   -  Nov 27, 2010

@Hawkee got a good one here for you hawkee...

the original is here as posted by a comment that the user keeps deleting along with every single other comment made on that snippet.

as reposted by napa from a post deleted of jayteas's

Shadowless, instead of removing a few alias/lines from someone else's snippet you found.

why don't you post snippets only you have made.

oh btw delete all you want il just repost it. ;x

like the comment jaytea left:
you ripped it from independent

as the rules of posting snippets goes:
Your snippet will be deleted if you break any of the following rules:
Snippet needs to be tested and functional.
Introduction must describe what the snippet does and how it is used.
At least 25% of the code must be written by you.
If you used somebody else's snippet you must include a URL to the original.
You may not post an updated snippet separately, you need to edit your first post.

everything that has been posted to date is instantly deleted (i have screenshots) and he has also posted a huge spam of old scripts in zip format that have been submitted by him that are not his.. eg CPS by amit for example in mirc section. plus other scripts ripped too.. might be worth having a look at him and what he has posted :)

since making this post he has removed everything to cover it all up.

definately one to watch.

Cheiron   -  Sep 25, 2010

@Hawkee we have spammers on the loose Hawkee .. last post of which can be found on this snippet and and other snippets as well..

Cheiron   -  Jul 27, 2010

@FordLawnmower hi FordLawnmower :)
just like to say a big thank you for all your codes and help in the past and would like to ask if you had some spare time... would you like to come on over and join a small friendly website and community server with me and some very respected coders from here.
if not the server, we would definately like to welcome you on our website. private message me for details if you are interested rather than spam then on your wall.

Cheiron   -  Jun 27, 2010

@Hawkee Hi Hawkee,

hate to be a bit of a negative here, but.. the revamp on the site has left me very confused and struggling to find things.
when i used to click the down arrow on home and go to say mirc.. i used to be able to just see the mirc stuff.. what was new was there, all comments etc etc but all solely mirc.

this new layout has really made it awkward to know what is what and where for me sorry :(

a few people i know have also found it hard to work out the new layout just as i have.
sorry for the negative feedback Hawkee but i know you rely on us to let you know on what the site is like ect

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