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Code Snippets

Cheiron created a Page  -  Sep 23, 2019

OK.. i have nice broken down simplified connect / nick change / quit / version script running for some new staff so they dont overwhelmed by the main services scroll but i'm looking for a standalone section please to run from the connection side so that we can do a whowas based from the connecting ip and it shows the last 10 nicks used on that ip please. the script i am looking for is to be triggered..

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Cheiron created a Page  -  Sep 07, 2019

Having a problem editing the output of a whois and whowas script currently..

Cheiron created a Page  -  Mar 03, 2019

Looking to return info based on the hotlink command but what used to work with the old mirc 6.35 and unrealircd 3.2 series, no longer works with the new mirc 7.55 or unrealircd 4 series. So far.. changing the gline to //echo -a gives me this .. tunix18 ( depending on where i click.. if i click an ip .. it gives me the ip inside of square brackets ie [] I want..

Cheiron created a Page  -  Aug 05, 2010

This is a more advanced way of sending a mass message in channel for mirc.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Apr 22, 2010

This was done for me some time ago in the help forum and i thought it was time to submit it as tribute.. i cant find the url so am unable to find who helped me. If the creator can come forward with the ORIGINAL url i will gladly accredit this to you.

Cheiron created a Page  -  May 19, 2009

final and completed to my needs and sharing with you now is this unique bot commander. like my other post, this does away with the !trigger in favour of regex and match words for the bot to work off of a /me command. this script was an accumalation of my request and debug from a very kind scripter, Jethro_ , who no doubt has algebraic headaches now from all the regex doing the code for me lol. i am..

Cheiron created a Page  -  May 15, 2009

This is a cross server snippet for showing a user's idle time. rather than doing a /whois or /whois nick nick if they are on the other server to you, just right click their nick and scroll down where you will see their idle time shown in the menu

Cheiron created a Page  -  Jan 21, 2009

This is a code for any users working in a scripters or help style channel.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Sep 22, 2008

this is being submitted as a tribute.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Sep 20, 2008

just a lil something knocked up for my friend Rick.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Sep 13, 2008

Just a different Take on briansmurph's Easy Perm Ops snippet ( ) which i commented on and submitted this code on as a thought of a different way. i know i haven't added the remove ops version. but i that wasnt the intention at this time. it was purely the alternative approach to brian's :)

Cheiron created a Page  -  Sep 01, 2008

<^> Please Note and take heed. This is for a demo purpose ONLY to show those with little scripting knowledge. further snippets like this, when made are posted in the Forum under the section " mIRC Tutorials". They do not get posted in the snippets area. <^>

Cheiron created a Page  -  Sep 01, 2008

a mass action in channel in a way that will not cause you to flood off the server. as the script says... I seriously do not recommend using it. but the idea is there.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Aug 19, 2008

just a nice little chuckle for napa and EL and friends this one... as they operate with OPER..

Cheiron created a Page  -  Aug 12, 2008

had a thought earlier with regards the onotice.. and wondered how it could be done in a room structure comprised of a ranking setup.. ie.. regulars , then step 1 voice, step 2 hop, 3 op etc..

Cheiron created a Page  -  May 16, 2008

this one is a different take on a onotice via a non op command to a bot.

Cheiron created a Page  -  May 16, 2008

ok... we are back to basics with a stupidly simple snippet. this is just something i knocked up purely out of boredom as a change to all the complex scripts being submitted for once. this is for those who have co-founder status (ie founder password for a channel) to set mode +q (owner) on yourself upon joining a room. this script will work regardless of nick and mode setting on the nick ( ie +v +h..

Cheiron created a Page  -  Mar 06, 2008

unlike most most voicers you see on here or on the mIRC clients, this one is most unusual... my last one i did looked at case-sensitive voicing.. ie if the nick was labelled without a capital letter ie helen.. then it got a voice. it would check the beginning of the name for characters like {[^ etc where you find alot of names have been taken and so need adjusting in order to keep them.. for example..

Cheiron created a Page  -  Jan 29, 2008

Full Updated script.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Jan 27, 2008

nice little anti flood system that works on each individual using a set trigger word .. ie !setup or something.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Dec 17, 2007

ever get annoyed by those flybys and stuff or lose track of who uses what name/nick.. check this out for a ip/nick tracker.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Nov 22, 2007

here we go... nice complex one for ya all..

Cheiron created a Page  -  Nov 21, 2007

this is how a flyby script should look for simplicity and total effectiveness.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Nov 19, 2007

This is my second script submission for Hawkee members.

Cheiron created a Page  -  Nov 16, 2007

This is a ban and kick logger that utilises seperate windows to show kicks and bans. very useful if you are in high volume rooms with ops and have alot of kicks and bans.. if you go afk for extended time and come back .. you only need look in say @bans window to see what has happened when and then got to exact time on logs.

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