May 02, 2004
IRC, Scripting

Code Snippets

Neo created a Page  -  May 08, 2004

This is clone kicker from Neo! When someone joins with same IP this will ban them off the channel so we won't get On Join Nick Floods Anymore!

Neo created a Page  -  May 08, 2004

This is a replacement for the built in mIRC /DNS. It works just like /DNS except this allows you to receive much more detailed information, for example:mIRC's /DNS:

Neo created a Page  -  May 04, 2004

This is DNS IP - Port Snippet! This Snippet Will Check All Address's That You Will Set! And Only The Ports Between 0 And 255 Will Work ( 1.....254 ) - [Syntax]: /ipscan IP FINALPORT - [Example]: /ipscan 80 - Check It Out!

Neo created a Page  -  May 03, 2004

This is auto responder when some one says a message in a channel you will auto say it back to him! to turn this on Type /aresponderON and to turn it off type /aresponderOFF or you can go to mIRC and Right Click in a Channel Window and Turn It ON or OFF! have fun, hope you like this one =) - Neo - By the way this script is perfect for Bots =) Just The Right Script to make your channel Powerful =) have..

Neo created a Page  -  May 02, 2004

Put this snippet into your Variables section in mIRC Editor, then go to Options, then IRC, then Messages and Put %quit.msg into The Quit Message - Edit Box. You can put any color message in. This is better then typing all the time you quit /quit 4,2Im Out! just better of this doing it by it self! =) Enjoy, Neo From The Matrix ;) - Hope you know how to put this script in.

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