Sep 13, 2007

mIRC Code Snippets

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  May 15, 2013

Services setup for anope. This script assumes you have an oline with proper access and that you ARE servicesroot in the services.conf. Register your nick before use. Tested multiple times ENSURE "DisableRaw" in services.conf is commented. should look like "#DisableRaw"

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joshschooley444 created a Page  -  May 01, 2013

This is an extremely simple blacklist I whipped up in a few minutes. It may not be the most feature rich but it certainly works. To get started load into remotes. Once done click over to the variables tab and create a %nicks variable. Anytime you wish to add someone you will go to this variable and append the nick to the end.

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joshschooley444 created a Page  -  Feb 06, 2012
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I made this script whenever I was a staff member over on the Frostwire torrent clients IRC network. I've since been relieved of my position and have decided to release this for others to use.

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  May 18, 2010

To start using the script type /fightset and follow the input windows. To use on users fighting type /fight nick1 nick2 and the will automatically be joined to the designated fight channel. If/when the conflict is resolved then /resolve will unset and notify the users. Also if you have a chance or some extra time come to our Network. MUST BE IRCOP TO USE last if statement's..

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  Dec 02, 2009

This is a snippet to allow easier removal of a person from the server, instead of allowing those annoying kill messages, this snippet removes the user from all channels, then has a 2 second delay and kills them. It has an alias, and a channel popup. Just copy into remotes and right click in any channel. You must be and IRCop with the power to /sajoin, and /kill. Tested and works on UnrealIRCd. I don't..

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  Sep 22, 2009

This is a mass Invite, Whois, msg, and notice script. right click in channel after loading (alt r) I did not make this, my friend Jordan who is the owner of did if you like please stop by and visit.

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  Sep 20, 2009

Just a compilation of counters, very simple.

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  Aug 30, 2009

Its a nicklist popup with user modes, i, tired of editing mircs default popups so i made this, I've never seen one this simple but ehh it works. lol

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  Jun 30, 2009

If your an IRCop, then this script will notice whoevers you with "Yes, I'm an IRCop. Is there something I can help you with?"

joshschooley444 created a Page  -  Apr 18, 2009

Load into remotes, then right click in any channel. This snippet (or whatever its called) doesn't contain all the commands, but it includes a few useful ones. WARNING: Using the highly destructive "/msg operserv raw" command may cause un-repairable damage to the server you are on. Hope you get some use out of it!

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