John Daniels

John Daniels

Jan 20, 2013


John Daniels   -  Mar 11, 2013

hey. i was making a bot on mirc and i needed an ircop script but they all got deleted by the looks of it

and i need all commands in the script

John Daniels   -  Jan 23, 2013

can someone help me fix this snippet i've tried fixing it but when i use it, nothing happenes /ban: you are not on a channel (line 109, remote.ini) that is my error, please help

on :text:!tkb:: {
if ($nick ishop $chan || $nick isop $chan) {
%time = $calc($2
.ban -k %time $3 2
.timer- $+ $3 1 %time .ban -r $3 2

John Daniels   -  Jan 21, 2013

Needs, a Auto oper snippet for Mirc Any Help please didn't really know where to ask k thanks and i don't mind how many words are in it just nothing To complicated, just as long as it fits on 5-6 lines

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