Aug 28, 2007

mIRC Code Snippets

Vlada_bgd created a Page  -  Jul 13, 2008

This is a simple popup private (query) message blocker. Load into remotes.

Vlada_bgd created a Page  -  Jul 06, 2008

Simple as this, guess U are using registered nick, In the menubar select AID, set Nick, and pass, and then connect to Your network. Works great for me. Even when You clear data, AID works.

Vlada_bgd created a Page  -  Jul 05, 2008

Totaly Simple Away Right click on channel, locate Simple Away, and select Yes or No. Rate it pls.

Vlada_bgd created a Page  -  Apr 23, 2008
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My first addon, comment please :) Edited menu...

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