Aug 22, 2007

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unseen commented on a Page, Anti-Mass-Join  -  Dec 12, 2020

I know it's been 3 years since this remote was posted.
I was trying it, but the script only triggers the channel mode lock. but doesn't ban or kick the joined bots.
Any thoughts ?


unseen commented on a mIRC Script, All Protection  -  Aug 08, 2014

Thank you so much for your efforts,
I've been checking it around,
but I'm not sure why it didn't work on a certain network and i've received this message on the status: CAP Unknown command.
and the script didn't load,
irc network was: Zildjan.mine.nu:6667
i'm not sure if the problem from the script itself.
on the other hand, how can I disable the locked channel notice? every I delete it from MISC settings and click on update, it comes back again. how can I disable it completely?

thanks again

unseen commented on a Page, mIRC profiles  -  Nov 02, 2012


as for the delete function, yea I've seen it, sorry it was my bad,
but also would be good if it was out on the main panel, and multi profile select to be possible in case somebody has lots of profiles and wants to filter it.

on the other hand, the server pass I believe is the one of the psybnc / bnc password is. but whenever u click on a profile and press on login,
you receive a box where it asks for a password, and in this case I believe the server pass maybe.

So I was thinking about this specific box that appears after clicking on login. why does it appear ? and if it's possible for it to be removed.
that's because I have lots of shell profiles. and it will be more practical as a fast login.

Kindly let me know if there's more details needed :)

Best regards

unseen commented on a Page, mIRC profiles  -  Nov 02, 2012

oh and I just noticed,
the ability to remove a profile as well :)

Best regards

unseen commented on a Page, mIRC profiles  -  Nov 02, 2012

Thanks again for the snippet :)

since you're going to do few more tweaks, few things should be added or being optional.

  • in case of using a psybnc, it requires a password, and I prefer to add that password on the profile as well.
  • Profile password to remain optional, either blank or filled, depends on the user's needs.

your efforts are most appreciated :)

Best regards

unseen commented on a Page, venomproxy   -  May 26, 2011

thanks for the update, and sorry for being late..
it works to keep on retrying to connect,
what about jumping to the next proxy if a proxy failed to connect (if it was akilled or unable to connect to it) ?
and if the proxy connected successfully, it remains connected!
i really hope this can be done :)
thanks a lot for ur efforts
best regards.

unseen commented on a Page, venomproxy   -  May 19, 2011

i know about the retries in the mirc it self :P but the thing is, if u were using irc without any proxy, and got dc, i prefer not to connect again. so the restriction for the amount of retries would be only for the script.
on the other hand i forgot to mention above, whenever the script is retrying proxy after another, and in case it stopped on a connecting proxy, maybe a fast command to jump to another proxy ex: /pjump
best regards :)

unseen commented on a Page, venomproxy   -  May 19, 2011

thanks that worked to load them from a list :).
on the other hand, jumping automatically from a proxy to another when the proxy is akilled or unable to connect,
to show on the dialog which proxy is being used (the same when u click on it with ur mouse) to know where did it reach on the list.
number of automatic retries (doesnt include the akill ) which can be chosen, since the proxy sometimes doesn't connect from the first attempt.
when u close the dialog, and then reopen it, to remember the last step (the last proxy list and to which proxy it was last connecting with)
it'll be nice to include this features :D
thanks a lot for ur effort for this script, it's so useful :)

unseen commented on a Page, venomproxy   -  May 17, 2011

the other day i've submitted a comment, but i dunno what went wrong or if any admin deleted it.
anyway, i wonder if u can update the script to accept a list from text files to be loaded in its list. and can accept different formats proxy/port separated by space or ":"
on the other hand i tried it earlier on an old irc 6.17 and wasn't wasn't adding the proxy when i click on "add proxy"
can you make it work on all irc versions ?


unseen commented on a Page, BAn Locker  -  Jun 30, 2009

even though this script is almost a year old... but in some cases it might lead to an excess flood quit.. especially if there was many bans, and they got cleared all in a time by cs or someone.. like -bbbbbb !@ip1 !@ip2 !@ip3 !@ip4 !@ip5 !@ip6
the script will set them back 1 by 1.
+b !@ip1
+b !@ip2
how to fix this part of it, to reset all bans together (+bbbbbb !@ip1 !@ip2 !@ip3 !@ip4 !@ip5 !@ip6)

i've noticed something else.. when my nick is deopped and the ban is removed, and then opped my self, i need to re-set the ban because it wont do it after the deop..

it would be more than perfect if this small part was fixed..


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