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dronez4   -  May 23, 2017

Hi guys i'm trying to figure something out but i cant find the right information for it
Lets say you got a server running
test1.exe (command prompt console)

and you got a command prompt
Is it possible to get this command prompt to type to test1.exe and initialise a command?

I would LOVE for someone to help me with this i been trying to figure it out for ages and i just cant

dronez4 created a Page  -  May 14, 2017
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Hi guys so i'm making a simple command line game, i've finished making a standard one, theres so much more to add but for now i'll show you what its like.

dronez4 created a Page  -  May 15, 2015

I orginally made this script for a community called RenCorner for steam tools made for easy access. let me know what you think they all work it works off of the steam protocol

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dronez4   -  May 13, 2015

When you create a page? to post a snippet how do u actually post it? anyone know?

dronez4 created a Page  -  Mar 03, 2014
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right click > System > System info

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dronez4 commented on a Page, TS3 Interaction V1.3   -  Feb 07, 2014

Heres a lil bit more about what it does.

(22:38:12) <&RCBOT> 7[TS3]9 client connected 'dronez4'(id:302) from
(23:41:27) <&RCBOT> 7[TS3]9 client disconnected 'dronez4'(id:302) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'

(23:42:06) !ts ip dronez4
(23:42:07) <&RCBOT> 7[TS3]9 Last known IP of dronez4:
(23:43:09) !ts id dronez4
(23:43:09) <&RCBOT> 7[TS3]9 Last known ID of dronez4: 302 from

(23:44:10) <&RCBOT> 7[TS3] 09[Message] 11dronez4( 03echo

dronez4 created a Page  -  Jan 29, 2014
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dronez4   -  Jan 27, 2014

Hi this is for MSL(mIRC Scripting Language)

I'm trying to find something that will actually keep a variable up to date.

for example

ts3server_2014-01-2422_18_14.542556_1 ---- this is the newest

the ts3 server creates a .log file in every unspecified amount of time, i'm trying to make something that will keyword 'find' the latest log file

Can anybody help me out here, its really getting on my nerves. thanks

dronez4 commented on a mIRC Script, Sparkys Simple Nickserv Identify  -  Jan 19, 2014

if its simple then why isit in a zip folder

dronez4 created a Page  -  Oct 31, 2013

Hi this is a simple script that took me no longer than 10 mins, Literally.. This is as simple as putting a few sockets together and letting it read information off a website.

dronez4 created a Page  -  Oct 12, 2013

Hey guys, some of u may not know that IRC Is used quite alot for some people and they need a faster way to do stuff

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dronez4 commented on a Page, Website Check with Dialog  -  Oct 07, 2013

Hello, Thanks for using my script, First thing, its looking nice...

Except one little error, that caught my eye, and the whole script doesnt work when you do that

alias copen {
    sockclose checks
    sockopen checks www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com 80
    set %check $1

That last bracket does not need to be there, otherwise it breaks the whole script, otherwise it works nice

dronez4 created a Page  -  Sep 26, 2013

This script Logs works as a dialog when u right click in IRC u'll find that when you get on the dialog you can search the IP Address and it outputs into the the 'list' bar with the info of the IP

dronez4 created a Page  -  Sep 22, 2013
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Well it's kinda easy to explain.. If a person is op in the channel they can block one or another by typing !webblock and !webunblock If you want to see if a website is up or down then you type !up or !down or !upordown

dronez4 commented on a Page, Ranking Script Version 1.2  -  Sep 14, 2013

Hey, its a great script and all.. but dont forget to add lil.. umm.. explinations.. and make sure if there isnt an owner when the script is loaded, then he has to choose one.

Not the only thing.. if u wrote into a text file with /write or u did /writeini
to feedback your information then that would work perfect for multiple owners, Plus u should prob make commands for this, What do u think?

I'll get on the IRC And help u out if u want :)

dronez4   -  Aug 26, 2013

Hello.. i'm having a little problem..

I coded a batch file that would run a game called renegade.. but it just messes up because in the path it has a space.. for example if i tried

start "%path% +connect +netplayername "%id%" "

it would just open up the desktop?

%path would be C:/Program files/renegade/game.exe
%id would be OSTKdrone

This is kind of a wierd problem, someone please get back to me.. as the 2 quotes are suppose to filter the space problem.

Please get back to me someone

the quotes around the path will get it to read the path correctly, but that then messes with its ability to add on the paramaters to the exe in the batch

dronez4 created a Page  -  Feb 22, 2013
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This is a mIRC IRCop Dialog panel This just teaches you how to use your Oper carefully. shows u feedback too

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dronez4 commented on a Page, Input  -  Feb 02, 2013

Mate, u need to Close ur brackets..
it'd be something like this

on *:input:*:{
If ($1 == +a) { cs protect $chan $2 }
  If ($1 == -a) { cs deprotect $chan $2 }  
  If ($1 == -m) { mode $chan -m }
  If ($1 == +q) { cs owner $chan }
  If ($1 == -q) { cs deowner $chan }

If that dont work, then use the ELSE statement, but always use ur brackets and close them..

dronez4 created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2013

Simple nickserv register/login dialog for newbs who forget how to use NS

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dronez4 created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2013

nice easy Dialog that took me a while to made, Atm there is only ADD details and Shown Online Users with their status

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dronez4 created a Page  -  Jan 06, 2013
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Syntax: !keepban

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