Dec 18, 2012
Australia QLD


nutty   -  May 25, 2016

Sneak preview of the New Dark Angel Mirc . I have learn dcx pretty wel,l and come to a understanding of how it works. This is my mirc that is unrealsed. Working on things to become transpartent in them for dialogs. Hopefully I get to understand that part Also. The Picture you see in stats Moves just like a gif image :) Just wanted to share. This mirc already has a dcx Nicklist and dcx tree bar. Hope you enjoy the sneak preview. Icons included

nutty   -  Dec 13, 2014

Site looks good .. Love the new lay out :)

nutty   -  Sep 01, 2014

Like to thank you Hawkee for the site and the wonderful people on it and i have met here, Also For the awesome scripts every one has shared.. I have used some of them my self and i have learned a lot of different coding coding.... now i am moving to egg-drop :) then maybe to harder things :P

nutty   -  Aug 20, 2014

Facebook messenger ? Latest News Think twice . please watch important to all

nutty   -  Mar 12, 2014

i got a couple of codes i like to share but i need help ....... i have a couple of pictures with a dialog that comes with the code.. any ideas to help me out so i can post some of my coding thank you.. i can post the code but can not get the pictures to go with it.

nutty   -  Feb 23, 2014

I have finally done it got web pages to come up in mirc and not open another browser... Thought i share.. Soon it will be released to the public on the site :)

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