Nov 14, 2012

Code Snippets

mortl92 created a Page  -  Jul 10, 2013

Use this if you have a collection of objects, and you need to devide this collection into many parts.

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mortl92 created a Page  -  Apr 24, 2013
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This stored sql procedure is used to replace a special character (or string) of your field with another string. See: for more details about the usage.

mortl92 created a Page  -  Jan 25, 2013
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These functions allows you to create generic objects of different types (Lists and Dictionaries) and to read the Restriction-code and Error-code of SoapExceptions. For more details about the usage please read this post:

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mortl92 created a Page  -  Nov 15, 2012
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If you have two lists of type List and you need to check if both lists contains the same entries ( case insensitive if you want) you can use this short snippet.

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