Aug 03, 2007

Code Snippets

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  May 24, 2009

Just a whois I made for myself, to fit my web-developer desire. It's a bit big, I know.

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Soulkeeper created a Page  -  May 13, 2009

So, I was getting into making a bunch of popups for my script, and decided I wanted one to unban a user. The problem was, getting the right mask that I banned, and all of that. So I made this.

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Sep 19, 2008

/own [Numbah of Chans] [Chan Prefix] [Nickname]

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Sep 17, 2008

This isn't my snippet, but due to an extreme lack of seeing this type of snippet out there, I'm posting my friend Talon's snippet.

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Aug 21, 2008
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So, I\'ve not seen it done yet. Just some thought. First off, do NOT rate this script. This is a collaboration script. I\'ll start it off with 1 line, on purpose. Your job, Members of, is to finish the script how you deem fit. Reply 1 time during the lifetime of this script, with a line to add to the end of it. Let\'s see what we can come up with. If the replies come slow, you can post two..

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Aug 20, 2008
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This is just an alias follow-up for DJ_801's awesome script with HALF in it. :D

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Aug 17, 2008

I know you've seen tons of these scripts, but I don't care. :<

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Aug 14, 2008

All this is is an alias to provide basic usage of mIRC's built-in encryption systems.

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Aug 07, 2008

This was mainly coded by me, with help from a friend. He made the firstletter alias. He also helped give me ideas and such. Anyways, it's just a whois script, that looks snazzy? Attempted to use 0 control codes in this script, also.

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Jul 09, 2008

Now, before you comment that I didn't need $regex, I know that.

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Jun 09, 2008

This is just a simple PHP to IRC socket bot. I've got MySQL installed on mine, and it's pretty simple to do. This is just an extremely basic example, though.

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Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Mar 25, 2008

It's just a simple blacklist using hash tables. [For a Bot]

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Feb 05, 2008

So, This is my shot at a 1 time nick response thing, for when you're afk. All you have to do, is /a (reason) and the rest works itself out. The snippet will check if they're in the variable, and if not, it'll give them a notice saying you're away, why, and how long. Then it adds the nick to the var. It works for text in a channel, and for when someone private messages you.

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Dec 23, 2007

So, this is just a simple replacement for /join. It has a few extra features, like allowing you to join multiple channels, and it checks for the #. If there is no #, it puts one in.

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Nov 04, 2007

Well, It's a simple swear kicker. All you need to do is set a variable, %swear to have all your swear words. i.e. %swear shit|fuck|damn|asshole|cunt. Be careful though, If you don't have the |, it won't be read. Also, if you have a | with nothing next to it, that acts like a nothingness wildcard, filtering every imaginable character. This script will also read spaces. Example, my %swear is: shit|fuck|suck..

Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Aug 07, 2007

Well, It's just a simple away script, Asks for your current password, Away nickname, and Away Password. Pretty straightforward script. If you're away, and someone says your name, it'll notice them telling them the reason you're away, and why. That's really all there is to say about it. /afk (reason) to set away, and /back to come back.

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Soulkeeper created a Page  -  Aug 03, 2007

Well, This script kick anyone who tries to advertise in your channel, but only kicks people who are advertising a channel other than the one you are in. I.e. anyone in #england can say #england, but anything else will be concidered spam. Easy snippet, with three levels of warning

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