Jul 06, 2007
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Anti created a Page  -  Nov 03, 2008

This is my channel modes manager, any ideas on how i could make this better let me know.. If you find any problems let me know ill be at #Lobby or #PMS Enjoy :)

Anti created a Page  -  Jul 09, 2008

Here is my Bitchmode Dialog i redid it all! Okay it all works enjoy, just tell me if i missed anything thanks.

Anti created a Page  -  Mar 17, 2008

Do not spaz at me it isnt full compelete i got nothing to do with it at school ill be getting the rest tommorrow .. i guess theres quite a bit also its to help with the chanserv to make mirc easier :D

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 17, 2007

This is a nick counter put it on a bot.. also.. this might work better if you're a experienced scripter enjoy it i think it's kinda useless kinda nice to see what people said about you in the Counter.txt and also.. the txt creates it self! also might want to delete the words in the txt before you add a new nick or word to it thanks :)

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 16, 2007

This is my slut bottle its just a re-mix of the spin the bottle kiss this nick thing.. i think you'll enjoy it put it in your remotes. thanks !

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 14, 2007

May contain harsh language :)

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 10, 2007

Well this is my Thanker Status Counter i said i was going to make a counter thingy so i did rofl i got bored and stoped and now i finished it hope you enjoy it! :P

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 10, 2007

This is a cheezy simple nick alert when someone calls your name it says the time they called you and what they said.

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 10, 2007

ROFL just wanted to make a lame cool meter i dont want to put this into a notepad make it complicate for newbies :P and it took me about 10 minutes i wouldve added more but na

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 10, 2007

My useless dead kitty cannon well theking wanted me to make a kitty cannon that you can fire at people so i made it for him hope you enjoy :)

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 10, 2007

Yeah i wanted to make a script so i could submite it on Hawkee havent made one in week's so here it is my TacoCannon btw i made this at 4:00 am in the morning :P enjoy

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Anti created a Page  -  Aug 10, 2007

Well this is a Personal User Abuser Thingy :P i made two nights ago i thought you people wanted some sick Entertainment ;P so enjoy !

Anti created a Page  -  Aug 08, 2007

Remember to put this in your aliase.

Anti created a Page  -  Jul 21, 2007

Hahaha i just made this i thought of it, it took 2 minute's so it won't be perfect it will sure to get alot of laugh's i suppose i hope you enjoy it :D

Anti created a Page  -  Jul 21, 2007

Yes ive heard many people say they never saw a decent invite script so im going to try give it a wack and see what you guy's think of my invite script :D

Anti created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2007

Yep i copied all of these jokes out of a lame joke book i got i only made 55 i got lazy half way through it but it took me about 10 minutes to finish it i hope you like it.

Anti created a Page  -  Jul 18, 2007

Well this is to keep you safe in your chan or someones chan if they don't mind having a really secure.. chan >.> i enjoy swearing alot so im not going to make a ANTI-SWEAR script... >.> so i made a script advertising script :D hope you enjoy

Anti created a Page  -  Jul 11, 2007

Well this snippet is a Guest counter! :D Yeah a guest counter kinda brutal guest counter parental guidence XD it work's best for a bot any kinda of bot example: * GoodehBot nails a piece of paper to $nick head it reads: Your The 50th Guest that has joined #OhGoodie It's pretty awesome if you want to keep track of how many guest's have entered your channel or someones channel or any channel i hope you..

Anti created a Page  -  Jul 10, 2007

Well this snippet is quite entertaining really :D i made it for the fun of it i also have a RandomDevoice script where it devoices for 41s then asks the people if they should stay -v for permantly it's pretty kool this snippet is pretty straight forward puss alt-r and paste this into it :D

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