Oct 30, 2012

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chicken- commented on a Page, Auto Translator  -  Oct 30, 2012

Working ok for me, couple of issues with it going off when it shouldn't. I'm an admin for some pickup game channels for Unreal Tournament, it is triggered by the pickup bot listing the player names, and so far "haha" goes off every time.

I'm no coder or scripter, but to me it seems like the easiest way to fix a lot of these is to not return the text when it doesn't actually translate at least 2-3 words out of the whole line. It's just returning the exact text it "translated" so it should detect that the words were unchanged and not send it as a translation.

A way to ignore certain nicknames would help too so I could ignore the pickup bots.

07:11:23 <@L> [» CTF-ProMod «][» [4/10] «][» 1) Kappa 2) z0rf 3) Slayer 4) mintek «]
Translation []-[] [»CTF ProMod«] [»[4/10]«] [»1) Coat 2) z0rf 3) Slayer 4) MINTEK«]

07:20:08 <+NecroNinja> no nhl
Translation []-[] no nhl

07:11:59 <+mintek> haha
Translation []-[] haha

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