Jul 06, 2007
South Carolina

Code Snippets

Mr_E created a Page  -  Jan 09, 2008

It's basic I know...probably could be shorter but to be honest I don't care. It gets the job done and neatly...

Mr_E created a Page  -  Oct 01, 2007
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Kicks regular users for posting emails...we covered the main email providers we could think of, if you know of more please let me know and I'll add it. To set the channels set yourself as bot owner and then type !emailkicker and then the channels you would like it'll add more then one if you wish. Enjoy, any questions just drop me an email.

Mr_E created a Page  -  Sep 27, 2007

Got bored made this random nick changer. Just copy/paste into remotes and change all the NICK1- NICK7 to your desired nicks and make sure that if you add more or delete them you change the set variable at top. To use right click the channel and it's under "Random Nick" or type /rannick. Enjoy

Mr_E created a Page  -  Jul 31, 2007

Load it into its own remotes. Set yourself as owner and what channel you want it to work in by typing /setoc then turn them on by right clicking any channel for a menu or private messaging the bot either !m on, !m off, !m2 on, or !m2 off to set/unset the two parts.

Mr_E created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2007

Paste in a new remotes and load it...

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