Mar 25, 2004
Arkansas, USA
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TeQh created a Page  -  Jun 30, 2005

A website that makes it easier to manage your entire website easily, with only modifying the information once, not changing each header and footer.... A very useful php script

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TeQh created a Page  -  Apr 22, 2004

I use this popup because my network has no botserv, and I like using public commands. It was built to work with ircservices latest released. You could easily mod it to work with UnderNet or any network with services. Commands are: ;Change mode o !op [nick/null] | !deop [nick/null] ;Change mode a !protect [nick/null] | !deprotect [nick/null] ;Change mode v !voice [nick/null] | !devoice [nick/null] ;Kick..

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