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Truk created a Page  -  Feb 12, 2015
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This script was made for the ustream network. For it to work on other networks you will need to modify it to work with other networks. It was made so I can see nicknames for those joining chat but not logging in to the chats I am on. It also offers a quick look "Lurker Alert" look-up from a right click menu.

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Truk   -  Nov 06, 2014

I have a hash table with items and descriptions in the table. when a person joins my channel/chat my script echo's to me information from the hash table. However if the table does not have a matching item my script still fires an echo line but the line does not contain any information because there is not a matching item in the hash table.

My line of script is below. I have this line within an if statement also. In an attempt to stop the script on no matching items I tried an if line like if ($gettok($hget(nicktrack,%ip),1,32) == $null) { halt } in the if loop which my statement below is in but this did not stop it from firing.

/echo -t $chan 11 New Join by: $gettok($hget(nicktrack,%ip),1,32) as $nick

Any Ideas?
Thanks for your help if you can!!

Truk commented on a Page, Adding commands through the chat  -  Aug 08, 2014

This is the best ever script for adding commands to a bot.

Truk commented on a Page, mIRC Error Posting  -  Aug 08, 2014

Thanks Lozo - great little script.

Truk commented on a Page, Custom Command Adding and Deleting Script  -  Mar 12, 2014

This is a great script! I was manually doing this for mods on one of my chats and this will do it for you in a matter of seconds. Sweet script Lozo!

Truk   -  Feb 21, 2014

Been fighting this forever and no success. Any idea how to set this variable with a random number for the duration of the variable:

so I have this: set -eu900 %timerC 1 (that works fine for 900 seconds) but i need this to work: set -eu $rand(222,900) %timerC 1

I need it to set the variable %timerC with the value of 1 for a random time between 222 and 900 seconds.

Thanks SO much!!

Truk   -  Feb 14, 2014

in mIRC is there a way in a script to get the total number of peeps in chat - voiced or not? something like count #chanName so I can implement a mode change when the current chatter count exceds a certain number of chatters? Thanks a Ton in advance!!

Truk   -  Feb 13, 2014

Help please: I need a timer that will make an announcement in an IRC chat every 20 minutes. I have a text file with many one line of text (announcements) that I need the script cycle through and post in chat. So at either 0 minutes from start or 20 minutes from start I need line 1 from the text file to display in chat and then at minute 40 line two and then after say 5 or 6 lines in the text file can it start back at line 1. I have tried a timer with the play command but it does not always work properly.


Truk commented on a Page, Away Script Version 1.8  -  Jan 13, 2014

Maybe i am missing something but /autoawaytime does not toggle anything.

Truk   -  Jul 17, 2013

in mIRC can someone please tell me how to nest this command (below) so I only have one "on $*:TEXT:"

I have a list of words i want to test for and whenever that word is said I want the script to fire off. so if the say apple or johnnyAPPLEseed I still want it to fire. I just need it nested so I can put a timer on it so it does not fire more than a specified time. The timer I have just not the nesting.

on $:TEXT:$(/(\Q $+ wok $+ \E)/iS):#: { /msg $chan oh!! more food talk. $nick said (wok) sure hope it tastes good!! }
on $
:TEXT:$(/(\Q $+ yam $+ \E)/iS):#: { /msg $chan oh!! more food talk. $nick said (yam) sure hope it tastes good!! }
on $:TEXT:$(/(\Q $+ yeast $+ \E)/iS):#: { /msg $chan oh!! more food talk. $nick said (yeast) sure hope it tastes good!! }
on $
:TEXT:$(/(\Q $+ yogurt $+ \E)/iS):#: { /msg $chan oh!! more food talk. $nick said (yogurt) sure hope it tastes good!! }
on $*:TEXT:$(/(\Q $+ yolk $+ \E)/iS):#: { /msg $chan oh!! more food talk. $nick said (yolk) sure hope it tastes good!! }

Thanks in advance!

Truk created a Page  -  Jul 02, 2013

This is a script that stores nicknames and IP addresses so that the next time that same person joins a chat that you are in the script will display them joining and shows their nick name like this "new join SomeNickName ---- ustreamer1234567~!

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Truk created a Page  -  Mar 27, 2013
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This is a nice script that says happy birthday to your chatters as they enter your chat for those people in your birthday list on the day of their birthday.

Truk commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Mar 16, 2013

is it possible to reset the past list of nicknames previously used every day or on startup. I don't want to see what nicknames they used yesterday. not sure where that should happen looking at the script. obviously I am not a script guru.


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