Apr 19, 2007

mIRC Code Snippets

Callison1 created a Page  -  Aug 22, 2007

This is a calendar dialog script. You open the channel popup menu, click 'CalliCalendar' enter a year, which will open the Calendar, months are arranged into tabs, each with a respective amount of buttons, indicating the dates within that month. Click a date to open a second dialog, where you can enter information etc for that day, and click submit. This info is written to an .ini file. A file is created..

Callison1 created a Page  -  Aug 07, 2007

I got the idea for this after commenting on the snippet: by Ovaldo.

Callison1 created a Page  -  Aug 05, 2007

This can be useful for stopping people coming to your computer and typing in mIRC while you are away from the computer.

Callison1 created a Page  -  Jul 27, 2007

You simply put this in remotes and then people can type !hawkee or @hawkee to get the top snippet for all search terms after [!@]hawkee.

Callison1 created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2007

Shuffles a deck of cards and places them in a random order in a text file. Useful for card game scripts.

Callison1 created a Page  -  Jul 02, 2007

~Chat Assistant v1.3~

Callison1 created a Page  -  Jun 27, 2007

This identifier will calculate what percentage N is of C and display it in a coloured bar format, useful for rating scripts, it uses 20 characters, the majority are spaces but the middle shows the percentage, and if "text" exists, it will appear after the bar. If the percentage is more than 5 digits long it is displayed at the end of the bar after "text"

Callison1 created a Page  -  Jun 09, 2007
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This snippet will allow you to create shortcuts for words or phrases via a menu bar popup and when switched on, will replace the shortcuts with the words or phrasea when you send the message in both channels and query.

Callison1 created a Page  -  May 31, 2007

It is a HangMan game meant for a bot but would work on an actual nick too. It allows users to open a query with the bot/person and type !hangman <key(if needed)> and a game of HangMan will start in that channel.

Callison1 created a Page  -  May 27, 2007

It's an insult function in the right click menu on the nick list, it gets insults from , a shakespearean (spellcheck please :p) insulter and messages them into the channel in the form of <victim's name>, . There are occasionally some html tags in the final display, i removed and but if you get anymore tell me, or suggest a way that will clear any of them (if there..

Callison1 created a Page  -  May 26, 2007

Instead of using $rand to randomly pick a number between 2 limits, and using hefty if statements etc to randomly generate a word. Paste this alias into remotes and then in scripts you can simply type $randany(parameter1,parameter2,parameter3,etc,etc...). Easier than using $rand for shorter random functions.

Callison1 created a Page  -  May 14, 2007

It's a game that allows to people to play in a russian roulette face off. People can type !rroulette to start a game, and wait for someone else to type it to join them in the game, the first person who typed it goes first, the second goes second. Type !trigger to progress throught the game.

Callison1 created a Page  -  May 06, 2007

It's just a function for the nick list popup menu, for setting access lvl 3(voice) 4(halfop) or 5(op). Put it in Popups under Nick List. Like i said it's very simple, because this is the first snippet i've submitted.

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