Feb 21, 2004

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forgotten commented on a Page, Listing Ops  -  Nov 17, 2005

lol agree with Sasuke ;)

forgotten commented on a Page, Simple Private Spam Blocker  -  Jul 22, 2005

Hmm lol very good point ixezion :P i did think about that. :P might use picture windows and hash tables instead of dialogs ;) i\'ll see :P just been busy workin on my script :/ lol forgot to backup and pc messed up sigh thx for your comment tho :D

forgotten created a Page  -  Feb 26, 2005

This small snippet basically stops spam messages coming from people in private messages (queries). It will auto ignore the offender for 60 seconds, and write to spam.log in the mirc directory the event. You will have the option of removing the user from ignore by pressing f11. Any help needed, just find me on IrCQnet ( under the nick forgotten, in #smile enjoy ;P

forgotten commented on a mIRC Script, Anacna ns2.15  -  Mar 14, 2004

i have 2 say this is the greatests script i ever used. Simple and does its job. good job snake

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