Apr 03, 2007
Scripting And HTML And FootBall Basketball Working And Racing :)

mIRC Code Snippets

Chevy created a Page  -  May 30, 2007

Moderators Dialog VERY SIMPLE and EASILY Coded Just Type /Mod I Got The Ideas From FURBY But I Added More To It And Made It Work Out For Users Much Better.

Chevy created a Page  -  May 25, 2007

You can add halting to it or what ever and also where it says #yourchannel you will need to stick your roomname or leave it as just #

Chevy created a Page  -  May 25, 2007

Away System just click in background of your channel and go to Away System The reason i am posting this is because i am going to be selling my computer soon and when i get a new one i will be able to come on here and be able to get it back with out any problems.

Chevy created a Page  -  May 25, 2007

Work Automatically. You Will Need to see what you want out of the sections i got bored and wanted to do something but there is not halting on none of this But DO NOT Add all of them cause then you will have major flooding if so many join your room Just get you a greet thats all you need. Like i said i was bored.

Chevy created a Page  -  May 23, 2007

Basically i got bored and decided to make something that some people would like i havent added many jokes to this BUT its very easily coded so you should know how to add more... But i will add another 50-100 As Soon As Possible But All You Do Is Type Blonde1 Blonde2 Blonde3 Etc But when i add 50 + more questions i will change the trigger command to Joke1 Joke2 Joke3 Joke4 etc..Cause There will be more..

Chevy created a Page  -  May 23, 2007

When Some One Slaps Anyone On A Channel You Are Currently In It Will AutoMatically Slap The Channel With Message 14Slaps The Whole Entire Channel 4{8 # 4}14 Mainly 4{8 $nick 4}14 For Slapping Others.

Chevy created a Page  -  May 15, 2007

I got bored one day and decided to make this ...What it does is when some one kicks someone from a room your in then it will say The User Just Kicked Was Just Owned By $nick In # Kick # Its pointless but it picks up all nicks and everything.

Chevy created a Page  -  May 15, 2007

Auto-Voice Just load in remotes and then go from there it works automatically.and halts on ops i will be updating it soon to where some words will halt on voice. but not at the moment.

Chevy created a Page  -  May 15, 2007

This is not good for your room but oh well if you all like it go right ahead and use it theres two different sets here and there fastly coded. When someone types +o it will mod them when someone types -o it will deop when some one types -v it will devoice and of course +v is voice i would not use this if i was you but your choice.

Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 30, 2007

Just Now Updated :)

Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 29, 2007

This is a very simple menu query,nicklist { kicks All you do is load in your remotes and right click on a user and go down to kicks and BOOM there you have it and also you can add on these put colors in them and everything else the reason i DID NOT add colors in these kicks were cause some users that do like to change colors and put colors in dont like going and taking every color code out and doing..

Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 28, 2007

This is For The Ones Who Need The Server Address To Connect On mIRC

Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 28, 2007

VERY Small Menu query,nicklist { I just posted this for some one that might have use out of it. And know's what there doing with the Addy notices. But this is not very useful for most but maybe one of you all can use it mostly for the notice addy's or also you can change that to anything you like.

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Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 28, 2007

When Some One Says Your Nick It Notices You Saying $nick Has Said Your Name In # And then it will post what they said.

Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 12, 2007

Its simple load it up in remotes and ready to go if one of your users bans a member it auto bans them for a time period you can switch the times if you want too.and the colors for the ban/kick. -Tested-

Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 12, 2007

It's self explanatory just load it in remotes and it does the rest. I tested it out right before posting it. If you do not like the colors Change them to what you like. Some Thanks to Deodarative

Chevy created a Page  -  Apr 11, 2007

Easy Away System Type /ab Then Put In Your Away Nick That you Prefer Then Type /ab Again then another box will come up put in your away reason hit ok then it will show your away in all channels your in And to return type /ab Its a easy away system Paste in remotes

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