Apr 02, 2007

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Mushufasa commented on a Page, Clan Script  -  Mar 14, 2008

I don\'t see how this is useless...Infact with a little editing the idea would fit nicely into many a script I have loaded onto my Bot.

While not ideally scripted, as pointed out by Napa (I just realised, DBZ fan maybe? xD) it has a use. Especially in very crowded channels etc.

Helps with clans/guilds for XBL stuff (Ladders and Tourneyx), MMO\'s and various other...Things. Like I said, good idea provided there\'s a use, which there is. Just because you don\'t have a use, doesn\'t mean others don\'t.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, random !insult  -  Nov 29, 2007

I\'m pretty new to this, but wouldn\'t that give a chance of both of them being set off instead of just one?

No, I don\'t believe so. Also, there isn\'t a need for the unset % command either, as data will automatically be overwritten with the use of this script (I believe so anyways, been a while so please correct me if I\'m wrong. :P)

However, saying this I like how you created the script to make sure it works, even though there may be some uneccesary coding. It ensures everything works as it is detailed to which is (Y)\'able.

Nice work and keep it up. This script makes practical use of fun bots on channels. :)

Mushufasa   -  Aug 20, 2007

@Xemnas Duude, I totally didn\'t know you had this, or seen you around since a couple days ago. :p

I suppose you probably just C & P\'d it from some Anime avatar site...Unlike yours truely.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Part/Hop Protection - Multi Channel  -  Jul 29, 2007

Yeah...Working my way slowly to get a better scripter. :p Ahuno...Spose it aint all that bad for a 16 year old kid that doesn\'t have too much time for this sort of thing although I do love the stuff. mIRC help directory...Here I come. xD

Mushufasa   -  Jul 29, 2007

Haha, nothin;. I reccomend you get a better WAP service though. :p

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Action  -  Jul 28, 2007

Then I stand corrected. Again, well done. ;O

Mushufasa created a Page  -  Jul 28, 2007

Okay! 1st of all I'd like to say I spent f***ing ages on this because the stuff confused my small mind. :( So I'm WELL proud of this. :D

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Action  -  Jul 27, 2007

This wouldn\'t work?

$1 is the nick that *\'s you. For example; King-Kai huggles BeDfRaMe, so it would be better if you had if (hugs isin $1-)? Perhaps add if (hugs isin $1-) && ($me isin $1-) goto? The && part does exactly the same as the rest of the snippet but it might look neater, ahuno.

Apart from that, pretty good. I like the idea of having more than just huggle or slap revenge. I\'d rate it if I could. (Y)

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Nicklist mode(s)  -  Jul 25, 2007

Nice, but doesn\'t mIRC\'s control> do all this anyway?

Mushufasa commented on a Page, The Invite Snippet  -  Jul 24, 2007

\'optional\', deary.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, The Invite Snippet  -  Jul 23, 2007

Or alternativly have this instead;

on @:text:!Invite:#: {
set %inviteuser $2-
invite $2- $chan
:JOIN:#: {
if ($nick == %inviteuser)
.Notice $Nick Hello $nick you have been invited to $chan you must be pretty special!

With that you could add an optional welcome message to the script for those who weren\'t invited, for example;

/join #chan

Mushufasa has joined #chain!

Oh hi! As opposed to the greet message. O.O
Mushufasa commented on a Page, stats script with $bytes  -  Jul 23, 2007

Looks exactly like Smooth Dudes snippet, and it\'s not a price script either, it\'s a RuneScape stats lookup.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, The Tissue Issue  -  Jul 21, 2007

I think it\'s random to say the least. :p

Worked for me so yeah, go you. :O

Mushufasa commented on a Page, The Tissue Issue  -  Jul 21, 2007

A lot of that doesn\'t make sense in grammatical terms, There\'s also a few spelling mistakes and some apostrophes that aren\'t needed, such as start\'s. Fix that so people can understand it and (Y).

Also, SomeMoreButtWipe etc aren\'t classified clearly as extra commands you can do. Perhaps try I NEED MORE! TypeSomeMoreButtWipe?

-Shrug- I get a little picky about language sometimes, sorry.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, 8ball My First Try  -  Jul 21, 2007

Not bad for being new, but if you look, the answer may not always represent the question asked, for example;

!8ball How would someone know about that?
8ball reply: To make you feel good...HECK NO! (1st response of your snippet)

I\'d reccomend keeping the same layout but adding something like this?

on :TEXT:!8ball:#: {
if (!$2) notice $nick Please choose a question to ask.
elseif ($2 == how) {
set %8ball $rand(1,5)
if (%8ball == 1) { msg $chan How? why would I know? }
elseif (%8ball == 2) { msg $chan You must be pretty thick if you can\'t answer that yourself. }
(Finish script)

etc, etc. That was it\'s a more...Pesonalised response, you will probably notice that with other 8balls cripts out there.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Mushufasa's Event Script V1.5 (Multi-Event)  -  Jul 06, 2007

What was it that you edited? Was it an actual problem with the script or just editing things like #the.m and #chan? It worked fine for me, so I guess it was that..Anyways I\'m going to change it slightly in the uncoming days when I\'m not busy getting hastled by my mother. :)

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Summon Snippet  -  Jul 04, 2007

I suppose having a \'main\' attack means its gonna end up like some Pokon game or something :$

Well, either way I\'d like to see it edited with the battle system that you make, if you do go and do it. :)

Mushufasa created a Page  -  Jul 03, 2007

Well this is a basic event script which I decided to turn into something a little better. Instead of just having 1 single event with !setevent !event and !delevent for example, it stores an event for each day of the week.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Fun Random Damage Snippet - Updated  -  Apr 27, 2007

Yes, you do have to have a kickmethod.txt. Although it was originally to be designed as -v, kick, kick-ban, those sorts of things.

Anyways I\'m going to edit it soon to not only incorporate small changes by you Meliorite (Thanks for those too) but in include an assortment of spells and abilities. The only problem is theres so many of them D:

Mushufasa created a Page  -  Apr 26, 2007

Yay, my 1st uploaded snippet.

Mushufasa commented on a Page, Runescape stats Script  -  Apr 02, 2007

This didn\'t work for me, and being the complete newb I am I don\'t know why either. If you could fix it, it looks like it could be great ;D.

Unless of course its just me its not working for in which case /forwardslashcry

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