Mar 22, 2007

Code Snippets

kddjoe created a Page  -  Sep 11, 2008

I've been using this snippet for a while when suddenly someone asked me to modify it so that only specified channels will be protected under this snippet. So I simply made a dialog where you can enter your channels which you want to protect it. It's a swearing protection for channels. It's kind of messy by the way but its still good enough for me. As you can see there are snippet for text swearing..

kddjoe created a Page  -  Sep 11, 2008

I use this remote to block private spammer and inviter in Dalnet. I put a window to show the details of the blocked msg and a command to remove the user from ignore list. Its just a simple blocker though. Comment me.. ^^

kddjoe created a Page  -  Jan 05, 2008

Here are some !bot command that I use in my bot. It's kinda useful for the bot owner. You just copy it to your bot remotes and you trigger the command by using ! for example : !deop (nick) .. and the Bot will deop the nick you intend to deop. Make sure that your bot is an operator and you must be an operator too. Please leave your comments. Thanks :)

kddjoe created a Page  -  Jul 27, 2007

This remote is posted by a friend. His nickname was lalamer. I think that this remote is quite good but I need your opinion on it. So, please leave a comment after you tested it okey! Put this in your remote.

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