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Aile created a Page  -  Sep 05, 2010

Simple little counter script for Quit/Join/Part/NickChange/Parts/Kicks/Words/Chrs/Sentences/DiffNicks. Tho this script is easy I figured i'd post something after soo long and you will have to supply your own color alias :) enjoy.

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Aile commented on a Page, Insults  -  Oct 21, 2009

Lol ghost, when i first started scripting, i did what he did for an "Age Test" 100 lines long, didnt know about $r(1,100) that could be placed in the script xD such nooby times lol

Aile commented on a Page, Warn/Black list  -  Oct 21, 2009

I just perfer .inis and ITs easier for me o.O

Aile commented on a Page, !rules (add/del/list)  -  Oct 21, 2009

remini rules.ini $chan $3- Added By $nick <-- that line you only need remini rules.ini $chan, and in order to have this removed from anychannel, simpley do this, remini rules.ini # $+ $2 ; It will still read it as $chan because its looking to whats in it, so if you know the name, it will delete as well.

Aile created a Page  -  Oct 20, 2009

Been like two years since I last used this site, and didnt think my account still was on this xD well i just wanted to post a script, I made it for a clan but well they died so it has no use ^_^

Aile commented on a Page, Insults  -  Jul 18, 2007

Hehe Your scripts are good but hey use examples on what i showed ya Mate and you\'ll get better. At least your trying =)

Aile commented on a Page, Jokes.....  -  Jul 18, 2007

/me sighs Again with the long scripts mate ;o long scripts dont make you look good :p its how conpact you can make em :p

on $*:text:/^[!@]joke/Si:#:{ var %x $iif($Left($1,1) ==@, msg $chan, .notice $nick) | %x $read(jokes.txt) }

Just try to make scripts like this :p

Aile commented on a Page, YoMama  -  Jul 18, 2007

Sigh, Same thing i said with the other script :P use .txt

put them in a .txt file, load it into ur mirc file and use;

on $*:text:/^[!@]yomama/Si:#:{ var %x $iif($left($1,1) == @, msg $chan, .notice $nick) | %x $read(yomama.txt) }


Aile commented on a Page, Facts Snippet  -  Jul 18, 2007

Wow... This is good... but i recomend you use a .txt for this.

on $:text:/^[!@]fact/Si:#:{ var %x $iif($Left($1,1) == @, msg $chan, .notice $nick) | %x $read(fact.txt) }

^ would be soo much easier and it saves file space ;o just put them in a.txt and load it into mIRC file.

Hope you concider this idea =)

Aile commented on a Page, !setevent  -  Jul 06, 2007

Lol, Don\'t worry about Wabtonio, he hates me for banning him from #bot and my channel #AileBot lol

Aile created a Page  -  Jul 02, 2007

Oks, I got bored and made a Event script thats ment to be fun :P

Aile commented on a Page, !confucius (Funny confucius lines)  -  Jun 27, 2007

Oo nice long script, i suggest that you use a .txt file

on $*:text:/^!@/si:#:{ var %x $iif($left($1,1) == @,msg $chan,.notice $nick) | %x $read(confusius.txt) }

Just make the .txt file (Note pad) put all the sayings there, and it saves Variables from being stored in the varibale tab :P have fun.

Aile commented on a Page, Botoff  -  May 31, 2007

Hmm that could be handy.. but once remotes are off the person cant turn them back on lol.. I suggest using a var on every script you have such as;
on :text:!bot off:#:{
if ($nick == NICK) || ($nick == NICK1) || ($nick == NICK2) {
set %off enabled
:text:!bot on:#:{
if ($nick == NICK) || ($nick == NICK1) || ($nick == NICK2) {
unset %off
And place this in all scripts;
if (%off == enabled) { halt }
elseif { your script here
Just a thought this requires more work tho :)

Aile commented on a Page, Better global :D  -  May 27, 2007

Lol, what I wanted to add a good looking global script all the other ones were weirdish looking :D

Aile created a Page  -  May 26, 2007

Yes, im new to making posts on hawkee, i noticed some bad global scripts so heres mine :D

Aile commented on a Page, Little on Invite fun  -  Mar 18, 2007

Hey, im new to hawkee, and for your script you could change \" amsg Bah Why must they invite me. \" to \" amsg Bah Why must $nick invite me to $chan. \" This way, it shows the channels that your on who invited you, and to what channel :P

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