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Valware   -  Oct 11, 2020

99 Colours - mIRC Colour Script 2020
version 1.2

After the new updated version of mIRC which now enables 99 colours on its colourpicker, I thought I would make a script that made setting your input text with these new colours easy as pie.

Required mIRC version: 7.62 or above


1) Place colourpicker.mrc in your mIRC directory ( //run $mircdir )

2) Copy the entire 'coltex' folder into your mIRC directory. The script will read it as a subfolder (nice and tidy!)

3) Run /load -rs colourpicker.mrc

4) Colour picker will open if you press "yes" to initiate the script. If not;

5) You can find the colour picker under "Commands" in the menu bar, or by typing /colourpicker

6) If you have any questions, queries, bugs or caterpillars, please let me know!


12th October 2020

  • Added checkbox to include use of colouring ' /me ' commands
  • Checked timezone to correct to non-UK spelling of 'colour' to 'color'
  • Added protection against accidentally setting your font background to the same colour as mIRC theme's currentbackground
Valware   -  Sep 19, 2020

mIRC Colour Script 2020

Hello Hawkee.

After the new updated version of mIRC which now enables 99 colours on its colourpicker, I thought I would make a script that made setting your input text with these new colours easy as pie.

Download file:

Valware created a Page  -  Aug 22, 2020
Valware   -  Dec 26, 2018

What I'm making:
mIRC socket bot with SQL

Requirements: mIRC >V6.2
Netadmin Oper Privileges
Services root access
Some features may require additional services/ircd modules

What it does/will do:
-) Completely regulate staff based on a user level you specify for them on the SQL database, allowing you to add staff members through your website and restrict connections to registered members, and other features
-) Use your website password to login - integrates closely with NickServ and OperServ to help link in to Services
-) Restrict rooms to age/gender/staff/unregistered etc
-) Eliminate the need for anyone to require Services permissions
-) Pre-defined warn/kick/ban system
-) User notes
-) Display online staff
-) Make reports to staff
-) Added #help help
-) and more! Just ask!

Would you like something like this? It's designed to run from an mirc client and be modular, and an easy-to-build-on scripting API
Attached: If you /msg Bot HELP as a superadmin (level 10)


Valware commented on a Page, mIRC duel game  -  May 25, 2017

I love these sort of IRC games

Valware   -  Apr 22, 2013

I'm now taking on any mIRC script project.
If you'd like a script/snippet/bot in mIRC, please message me with details.

I know dialogs, RAW events and sockets as well as basic mSL script.
Only exception is I don't add/edit other scripts that were already made, I only make scripts from scratch.
I don't charge, and you can edit/distribute at will.
Most popular request is the mIRC equivalent of the UKChatterbox's GateWay, made with sockets to connect to the server's Services port.

Valware commented on a Page, Advertisement Kick and input statement lol brb complete  -  Mar 03, 2013

I think it looks good.
However, I think using the 'www isin $1-' is a bit verbose. You could 'https:' instead of 'www' in conjunction with 'http:' as not all urls start with 'http:'.
I also think it'd be a good idea to use $strip() as sometimes you get people who advertise things who stick control codes in parts of the string, $strip() would fix that.

Valware   -  Mar 03, 2013

Dear Hawkee,
Do you think people would use software in a client that basically does the same as a library computer. I'll tell you what I mean.
When it's loaded up, it mimimizes the client to the taskbar tray, it kills explorer.exe (Stopping Windows-Key functions like minimize and also gets rid of the taskbar etc), stopping you from being able to open the client and edit any of the scripts.
It then edits the registry to disable the use of the Task Manager (so you can't kill the process).
After that, it brings up a full size "default background" image (that you cannot exit) and gives you a logon prompt. Once logged in as a user, you have a "Start Menu" at the top, you can load (and ONLY load) the options that are displayed (Which you can add your own things or delete things as admin). You can also change your wallpaper and access your own documents.
When logged in as admin, you can edit what a user sees as well as be able to do all the functions a standard user can. You can also have use of Task Manager and if you want, edit the Windows registry manually. Only when logged in as an admin can you exit the process and restart explorer.exe.
Any ideas welcome!

Note: FOXHOUND is an organisation within my favourite game, Metal Gear Solid, I'm using it as a temp name just now, all rights to Metal Gear Solid.

EDIT: This code is coded in the mIRC client

Valware created a Page  -  Oct 17, 2012

This is a chatters script based around the functions on UKChatterbox. As UKChatterbox is a heavily customised network, many of these functions won't work on other networks.

 Respond   mIRC  
Valware created a Page  -  Aug 06, 2012

This is a very small script that allows you to use an alias to make an OK/Cancel pop-up box come up with custom message and title.

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