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ch1zra created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2007

I'm pretty sure someone already made this, or a lot of you used this before, but anyway :] This is just an alias that echoes users that are sharing channels with you, aka $comchan users :] I needed this for something, so I thought to myself "why not share it" :P

ch1zra created a Page  -  Dec 15, 2006

well, just like the comment in code says... simply type /grouplist or select ut from popups, and view all #groups you have. there's also info on #group status, option to enable/disable it, and file that contains selected #group. this is utility, and it is done for scripters. 'cause I realy don't see how regular users can benefit from it enoj \m/

ch1zra created a Page  -  Jun 13, 2006

Snippet that simply repeats last X lines (the name is quite self explanatory, isn't it ?) of conversation in active window/to target.

ch1zra created a Page  -  Apr 14, 2006

Snippet that scans all users on $active channel for given mask. Uses wildcard, and it can just scan, scan kick, or scan kickban. Usage : channel popup > [Ranged IP ScanKicker] or /scan [portion of address or IP] just scan /scan +k [portion of address or IP] scan & kick /scan +kb [portion of address or IP] scan & kickban If no [portion of address or IP] is given, you get $input dialog asking..

ch1zra created a Page  -  Aug 22, 2005

This one is nice code that will display current time (in $time(HH;nn) format) in all your channel and query windows. time is updated every minute, and it is located in the upper right corner of the window. I'm thinking of a digital version, and I will do that in few days (I hope :] ) Usage is like it says in code - automatic.

ch1zra created a Page  -  Jul 19, 2005

when you use /alias command, if the alias with name given exists, it automaticaly gets replaced. when you use this code, the script checks is there an alias with given name, and if there is, you get asked do you want to replace an old alias with new one.

ch1zra created a Page  -  Jul 12, 2005

It's a greeting script, that sends a msg to a channel when certain user joins. It can be enabled/disabled via menubar popup. usage : popups, or type "/greeter". it's been done already, but this is just my way of doing it :]

ch1zra created a Page  -  May 18, 2005

Just paste this in your remotes. It protects you (if enabled) from currently spreading virus (the DO YOU WANNA BE AN OP one...). So this protects you from msgs that contain $decode. **** Update to version 1.03 - Added scan for "DO YOU WANNA BE AN OP" virus, and option to enable/disable the protection.

ch1zra created a Page  -  May 17, 2005

records whenever someone says or action's yout nick. you get the echo that says the name of the nick, and what he said/actioned. all written in a .txt file. :))

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ch1zra created a Page  -  May 17, 2005

ASCII characters table. simple as it gets :) all info is in the remote.

ch1zra created a Page  -  Mar 16, 2005

Simplicity rules 'em all. I'm pretty sure someone has done this by now, so if someone did it, I apologize. Usage is simple. just type anywhere "/calc YOUR OPERATION" supports 4 basic operations (+-/). Eg " /calc (4+5)5/3". And so on :]

ch1zra created a Page  -  Mar 03, 2005

All command line... It has options to go autoaway (and choose the autoaway time), to say that you're away (and to choose delay for that), and to modify your Away tag. It uses mIRC's alias for away, so usage is : "/away reason" to go away with some reason, "/away" to come back, and "/setupaway" to configure it. Stil working on multiserver support. :]

ch1zra created a Page  -  Feb 23, 2005

hate those " unable to join channel (address is banned) " . well, this one solves your problems (if you have access high enough to unban yourself on that chan, of course :D )

ch1zra created a Page  -  Feb 22, 2005

i hate ppl who use auto thanx msgs on voice/op...

ch1zra created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2005

it's quite useless... it calculates a key/password based on entered nick.

ch1zra created a Page  -  Feb 11, 2005

whenever someone slaps you, you slap them back... has built -in timer to prevent endless loop. :)

ch1zra created a Page  -  Feb 03, 2005

Usage : type in $chan window /mass with params, /mass +/-o or /mass +/-h or /mass +/-v or /mass +/-b. if no params are entered, you get echo that says that you must enter something.

ch1zra created a Page  -  Jan 30, 2005
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it animates titlebar text. usage : "/tbar text to be played ".

ch1zra created a Page  -  Jan 25, 2005

Nice progress bar. Quite useless if used alone, but it can be a nice addition to scripts.

ch1zra created a Page  -  Jan 24, 2005

Show or hide switchbar buttons for some channels. Not available if not connected (cause there's no need for hiding channels if you're not connected, d'oh :P)

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