Jan 23, 2007


|MELIORITE|   -  Jun 06, 2007

@sadistic_sin With all the action command snippets, they could be drawn together into one package, something similar to:

on *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if (!cake isin $1) && ($2 isin $chan) { describe $chan puts cake in $2 \'s mouth }
  elseif ($2 !isin $chan) || ($2 == $me) { describe $chan throws cake at $nick instead } {
    if (!acupuncture isin $1) && ($2 isin $chan) { describe $chan $2 gets needled }
    elseif ($2 !isin $chan) || ($2 == $me} { describe $chan $nick gets stabbed instead }
  else { return }

Something like that for example anyway .... hard to think about it while I\'m at work ;)  
|MELIORITE|   -  May 22, 2007

@sadistic_sin I saw your message stating that hardly any of the codes have worked for you. Firstly, it might be helpful if you identify what is a remote code and what is not. Remote codes work where someone else triggers them by using the command. For example, if the code was something like:

on *:text:!call *:#: { .msg $chan $nick is calling for $2- }

This is not a useful script but it is an example of a remote. If you load this script on your main nick, you cannot access it, because you cannot trigger it by typing !call in a channel. Somebody else will trigger it by typing !call in a channel and it will respond from wheomever has the script loaded to say is calling for . Because your question for help was general, I hope I\'m not making superfluous comments.
A script that you can actuate will not have remote commands to make it function.
Second, make sure its loaded in the right place... remotes generally for scripts, popups for popups etc.
Third, note the commands that are needed to trigger the script, or otherwise the functions necessary to use it... (some scripts use F keys for example).
Fourthly, make sure the script is not missing brackets, the format is as intended to make the script work, etc.
Fifthly... if you have more specific questions for help, then I or others would be glad to help you out in the Forum.

|MELIORITE|   -  Mar 25, 2007

@Zachery Heehee the gang is here

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