Jan 23, 2007

Code Snippets

|MELIORITE| created a Page  -  Mar 24, 2007

Protects most "major" modes of up to 8 channels by stopping ops from annoying changes. Some servers already have these protected, but mostly good to use in channels that don't have such protections and where the modes might be changed while you're afk. Ideal to load on a bot. Grab the snippet from here, load into remotes, then right click in any channel and choose ChanModePro. Enter channel names and..

|MELIORITE| created a Page  -  Mar 14, 2007

From the clipboard paste into a new remote file, right click in the channel, choose Nick Response, and turn it on. Its a simple little thing, perhaps to use when you go afk for a little bit but instead of setting away just set the responder, or for fun, have it on for when people use your nick. Its made for a bit of fun so feel free to change the message responses, and perhaps even include a line where..

|MELIORITE| created a Page  -  Mar 13, 2007

After taking the snippet to the clipboard, paste into a new remote file. Right click in the channel and select Slap Punisher. Once it is turned on it will be active in all channels where you have ops. It may seem harsh to kick somebody for slapping, but when they slap on every greeting it gets a little annoying or when they slap otherwise... this just gives you the chance to turn it on and kick without..

|MELIORITE| created a Page  -  Jan 23, 2007

Once you have it in your remotes section, simply right click in an open channel and choose Topic Protector. Then Add the topic for the corresponding channel that has been added. Saves up to 8 channel topics. Other scripts seem to protect individual channels. Do not use where there are current topic protctions (for example if topic is protected by Q). If a person attempts to change the topic, the script..

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