Jan 10, 2007
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Viper01 created a Page  -  Nov 06, 2009

Mostly a product of boredom, but I thought I'd make a Volume Control dialog for practice. To use, load into a new Remotes file and right-click in a channel, then select 'Volume Control'. Drag the bar to the right to increase the volume, and to the left to decrease it.

Viper01 created a Page  -  Jun 05, 2009

Simple nickserv ID script I made out of boredom. Load into a Remotes file, right click anywhere and select NickServ Ident. Type in your password in the first box, then click Save, then click Exit or [X]. Currently only works for 1 server.

Viper01 created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2008

To Use: Load into a new remotes file(Alt+R -> File -> New), click OK then right click in the channel, choose Sync/Spy, then the tab you want. If you want to Sync 2 channels together, use Tab 1. Tab 2 for if you just want to spy on a channel, and tab 3 for info about it.

Viper01 created a Page  -  Oct 24, 2008

The return of the lulzy Spirit Bomb bit from Dragon Ball Z! STARRING THE KIRBY ASCII ART! :O

Viper01 created a Page  -  Aug 26, 2008

To be honest, I hardly worked on this. i was just bored with having the error of:

Viper01 created a Page  -  Aug 25, 2008

Been awhile since i posted anything x.x

Viper01 created a Page  -  Jun 23, 2008

I was bored while watching some remixes of the Over 9000 clip from DragonBall Z so I decided to make my own little scouter script.

Viper01 created a Page  -  Apr 28, 2008

This is the alternative to my other Death note, The Op Version. Pretty much the same thing, except this time I've experimented a bit with INI files in an effort to clean up the coding. I think it's worked out pretty well.

Viper01 created a Page  -  Feb 21, 2008

Me again! This time with an seperate script from the Death Note scripts. This one is for ops only though so any ops out there, dont hesitate to use this ^_^

Viper01 created a Page  -  Feb 17, 2008

A follow-up to my first DeathNote script. Similar to it, it is a randomized game.

Viper01 created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2008


Viper01 created a Page  -  Jul 16, 2007

Another Autovoice script. This one I have tested thoroughly. All you need is for the bot to be op or halfop. Edit if you wish. ( the :#: might not be needed but i put it in anyway for good measure.) ((sorry for edit, found there was a mess up in the coding. # was supposed to be $chan since # is a variable :o))

Viper01 created a Page  -  Jul 05, 2007

Simple pk script I made from Aaron's original code. All you do is paste it into remotes (ctrl + r) and type "!pk " without the <> or the "". Then the person you are trying to kill can choose 4 options, each set with random responses. Just like the real Runescape game! theres also the hidden credits command I put in at the end. Please don't rip it, and if you use it, please keep the credits the..

Viper01 created a Page  -  Apr 03, 2007

This is just something I threw together since I dont enjoy typing out the identification code in IRC/mIRC everytime I log on. Its pretty simple, just paste into remotes and leave it. next time you log on, it'll id for you and join channels that you set. (dont forget to change the nicks and passes for your own!)

Viper01 created a Page  -  Jan 11, 2007

Very simple to use, just type "!gratz 'nick' 'message'" to congratulate someone on anything. just remember to type a nick or else it will look like this: "Congratulations on 'whatever'" Looks very awkward if you dont have a nick to gratz. Anyway, have fun with it, please dont rip it, give creds to me for making it, and dont remove the 1,0 at the end, that makes it so the color doesnt spill into the..

Viper01 created a Page  -  Jan 10, 2007

This script is just something I made because I was bored. Fairly simple to use, just paste it into your remotes section and type @rr to use it. It is a spam script though so do not use if your bot is on a channel with a spam = kick bot on it. Tested and working.

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