Jan 08, 2007

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-Fear- created a Page  -  Feb 23, 2007

NOTE:MUST HAVE OPER STATUS, (LOCOP,IRCOP,ADMIN) FOR THIS TO WORK. Place this in your remotes then right click in the channel u will see a window that popups up that says "Nick/Ip" enter a nick and their ip will show or enter the ip and the nick will show that the ip belongs to.

-Fear- created a Page  -  Feb 23, 2007

Tired of your status screen lit up like a x-mas tree? These are custom windows I made to see through all the confusing text in your status screen. Simply place this in your remotes and u are all set.

-Fear- commented on a Page, 8ball script  -  Feb 23, 2007

ummm lol that is all.

-Fear- commented on a Page, Deop Protection  -  Jan 09, 2007

msg $chan Very Funny $nick $+ . <--------why use $chan when u can use #

-Fear- commented on a Page, Anti Elmer(oper)  -  Jan 08, 2007

lol why sure /elmer makes a nick do like the name talk like elmer fudd. it replaces L and R characters so if you would say laugh out loud /elmer would make you say waugh out woud. NOTE: you need to have an o:line and admin access to use /elmer. This snippet is not to do \"/elmer nick\" it is to undo it if u are an oper and if u are AFK (Away From Keyboard) and or not paying attention.

I hope that is enough explaining for you :D

-Fear- created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2007

Well I'm not sure if this is can be used but if you are an oper and are tired of other opers doing /elmer on you well here u go. I tested it and as far as I can tell it can not be "bypassed".

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