Dec 14, 2006

Code Snippets

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Jul 17, 2008

Moved too http://www.hawkee.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=17962

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Apr 04, 2008

Ver 3 of my mp3. I had to readd this cause Hawkee deleted it -_- this is a 100% remake of my mp3, really nothing similar in design or function. If you need help just leave me a msg here.

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Feb 19, 2008

This will randomize your password to prevent you from accidently saying your password in a channgel and your nick getting stolen. If you say your pass in a channel it will cahnge it or if somebody guesses it and says it, it will change. just set your pass as %Password or type /NewPass

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2008

This is version 2 of my mp3 player, i added in spam options, random play and continuous play. The Continuous play will start off at the first mp3 in your list. just load the script into a new remotes page, set your directory and select a spam option under Options. Report bugs, script errors or flawls to me please, and i will keep editing this one once i think of new things.

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Feb 10, 2008

This is an easy way to change the colors and design of your mirc. I currently have it to change the color/design of modes, joins, parts, quits, nick changes, your own text and everyone elses text, and pm text. Change the colors and design of it to how you want it and load it in remotes. Feedback and ideas are welcome.

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Feb 10, 2008

I figured I might as well post this on here. This whois I made to support IRCop's also. If anyone has ideas on what I could add to this, let me know. I thought about making it echo to @Whois, but I saw really no point since I have an ass of other IRCop scripts that echo too 3 different windows, lol. The color is Red and Dark Gray cause I like the colors and its the colors of this full script I made...

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Dec 22, 2007

Well i found this script here on hawkee and didnt like the look of it, i edited and added alot. I've made it show a list and made it where you can show just one song in a list. Just load it into remotes on your bot, type /mp3 to set your directory then set yourself as the owner of the bot by typing /auser 5 (your nick/address).

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Jun 10, 2007

A Simple little protections script, you can right click in a channel to turn each part off.

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Darkkeeper created a Page  -  May 27, 2007

lol a little fun stfu ban i made, hope yall like it, cause i sure got a kick out of it lol

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Darkkeeper created a Page  -  May 26, 2007

just a very simple little stat and permstat adder, just put this under your Remotes and your set!

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Apr 10, 2007

ok heres the aliases for the Narutorpg script

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Apr 08, 2007

Well heres my latest script. Its called The Naruto NinjaRpg. This is just a quick rough version, Its kinda dull and lame, i know, but im currently working on V2.0 which will be alot better!!! Just load it into your Remotes and set a var %Chan (Yourchan) and also on the bot make sure you have yourself set as lvl 500, if not type /auser 500 (yournick). If you need any further help feel free to ask me...

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2006

Simple Op Thanker. Add it to you Remotes. Enjoy!

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2006

Heres a little AutoJoin that i used in one of my scripts i made. Enjoy!

Darkkeeper created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2006

Heres a couple simple little Except protections. Just add them into your Remotes and as long as you have halfop or higher you will have +e on a chan.

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