Dec 02, 2006
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[M]ike commented on a Page, walkgame + com speaker  -  Aug 23, 2007

Isn\'t this just Champagne/Sinnerscreed\'s Microsoft Sam script with a simple window game...

[M]ike commented on a Page, Internet Explorer For mIRC  -  Aug 04, 2007

I\'m sorry but I\'ve given this a three. When you load it, there\'s no instructions, it just tries to chat me up. I think people would much rather just do /url -n rather than have 32 line long script for something that requires little to no effort. Bit disappointed for you NouMeRo

[M]ike commented on a Page, RuneScape Price Checker (Dialog)  -  Jul 30, 2007

I\'ve now updated the Price Dialog to work and added new features, see description. :)

[M]ike commented on a Page, Hawkee snippet search  -  Jul 27, 2007

Yeah, mine diplays the name and author ^^

[M]ike commented on a Page, Chat Assistant  -  Jul 27, 2007

It\'s alright but /msg and /notice work fine for me.

[M]ike commented on a Page, Temporary Ban Alias  -  Jul 27, 2007

Thanks Manpreet :)

[M]ike commented on a Page, Capitalize  -  Jul 27, 2007

If all your words in a sentence were capitalised, then your sentence would be bad grammar ;)

[M]ike commented on a Page, RuneScape Price Checker (Dialog)  -  Jul 26, 2007

Once I find a new working parser for prices, I\'ll update the script.

[M]ike commented on a mIRC Script, Random Fact Generator V3  -  Jul 26, 2007

I\'m not exactly sure this script needed to be an addon, it could quite easily have been a snippet and just connect to a website for the facts.

[M]ike commented on a Page, Ban IP  -  Jul 26, 2007

And if you do mean \"You haven\'t been banned\" - is that really neccisary? Surely not that many people are going to be banned, therefore it\'s easier to say nothing if they aren\'t. :)

[M]ike commented on a Page, Capitalize  -  Jul 26, 2007

This is a really useful script, as you said, a typical \"Lazy mans\" script. But good job, it works fine. :)

[M]ike commented on a Page, Whois Reporter  -  Jul 26, 2007

Good script, general useless (Just my opinion), but I guess it saves clicking the Status Window? Ah, well, neatly scripted and not too messy. Good job

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jul 26, 2007

Made it because I needed it to be brief. Easy to use;

[M]ike commented on a Page, Simple File Uploader (FTP)  -  Jul 25, 2007

Okay thanks for suggestions, edited the script.

[M]ike commented on a Page, Mimick 2.5  -  Jul 24, 2007

Heh, I can\'t really see any use for it and if you wanted to mimic people then just do;
on :TEXT::#: {
msg $chan $1-
Not too shabbily scripted though.

[M]ike commented on a Page, Simple File Uploader (FTP)  -  Jul 24, 2007

Yeah, it\'s very buggy, I\'ll replace it with Regex hopefully tommorow. About the CMD, without using a batch file it\'d be extremely difficult (For me anyway) to create a script that uploads. The only other solution I see is having a upload.php file on a remote server and then using that.
My Simple File Downloader is much more of a success! :)

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jul 24, 2007

Heh, after the release of my Simple File Uploader, I decided to make a Simple File Downloader. Downloaded files are saved to your mIRC directory defaultly.

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jul 24, 2007

The script has simple usage and can be manipulated for a series of tasks such as uploading channel logs, trivia scores etc.

[M]ike commented on a Page, Simple AutoVoice using ini's  -  Jul 17, 2007

Yeah, but if you read the description I\'m posting it as an example.

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jul 17, 2007

The code allows you to control autovoice options for multiple channels. Pretty simple, posted mainly as an example to learn from.

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jul 01, 2007

Simple Mp3 Player, as the title states, is a pretty simple Mp3 player for mIRC, it's main attraction is it's ability to set the song your currently listening to as your MSN personal message (Compatable with MSN 6+). I had a few people asking if it's possible to set a custom directory so you don't have to browse from your mIRC directory every time, there's an option in the 'File' menu. The script requires..

[M]ike commented on a Page, Webpage Editor VERSION 2 - UPDATED  -  Jun 30, 2007

Pretty nifty, it\'s always nice to have an online control panel, means you can give other users a way to edit/update your site. Maybe add a member system with rites, so that some users can edit more than others etc. etc. Could become a very nice and popular Admin Control Panel script. Good job so far Furby.

[M]ike commented on a Page, Pop v1  -  Feb 02, 2007

I will if I can, either contact me on IRC (irc.swiftirc.net #xfire) or MSN, confusedconversation@hotmail.com

[M]ike commented on a Page, admin/halfop/voice applications +uno killer  -  Feb 02, 2007

Hey, I\'m not gonna be lame like theothers, here\'s something to improve by,
instead of making lots of lines for the same command use:
on $*:text:/^?.@!/Si:#: {
Code Here
Makes things alot neater! :)

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jan 31, 2007

Load the script. Commands -> Calculator It's a simple calculator with a basic/advanced features. Based on the Windows Calculator.

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jan 31, 2007

Load the script then go to Commands -> Check Prices, enter the name of the RuneScape item and click check, the top 5 results will be shown in the text box below. www.runescape.com

[M]ike commented on a Page, Habbo (USA) Top Five Furniture Snippet  -  Jan 28, 2007

Haha sorry, I forgot to put it in, it\'s because I just have the NoHTML alias in my aliases. I\'ve added it in now.

[M]ike created a Page  -  Jan 27, 2007

Simply load like anyother script, Triggers: @ - Messages channel ! - Messages nick Text: Players USA Players America Players UK

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