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Pangaea created a Page  -  Feb 04, 2014

If your on a server like freenode that dose not give you any indication that what you have typed in to the channel was cut off due whatever the servers char/byte limit is, sometimes conversations can get confusing.

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Pangaea created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2014

Hi folks.. I noted one of my old faves from napa ( ) stopped working.. it seems the socket page no longer exists..

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Pangaea created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2014

Get hilarious game idea suggestions using this random game idea generator.

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Pangaea created a Page  -  Apr 08, 2013

Hi folks... been trying a few rpg type games, and folks suggested to make a way so they can add their own monsters in.

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Pangaea commented on a Page, Latets News from the world of Science (  -  Apr 15, 2012

oh i think it would be alot of work for you and time to remix your script.. I really think its the links or something that needs to be changed on the originally posted one.

i recently upgraded to firefox10 ... and when putting in links to an example of one of the rss feed pages it strips the www. ... and as a test i also tried the same in ie8.. ie also strips the www out, but leaves the http in.. this is odd since i defiantly remember ie not doing that before.. i thought FF10 was doing it since the upgrade. So.. this is a wild guess, perhaps i must strip all the www. out of the script.. Ill give it a try.

Also what dose the "80" after each root link mean?
Also perhaps the problem is with these parts "HTTP/1.1"
perhaps phyorg have upgraded from 1.1? As i said earlier I have emailed physorg to ask about that very thing.. but ive been waiting for almost a week. no reply.. Ill try mail them again and see if they can shed some light on what went wrong... i just dont really expect a reply tho since its not exactly in relation to physics :/

Ive run debug mode on it.. nothing shows up to indicate what the problem might be
There is nothing displayed in status window to indicate what the problem is.

Ive had a few others look/try it too with no success. and they dont see why its not working.
Ive spent the best part of a week on and off, on my own trying and trying to get this working again.. no idea whatsoever.. like as i said if i AT LEAST knew what the problem is i could then "attempt" to fix it myself.. but everything is much much more harder since i dont even know the "why" yet.. never mind the "how" to fix part.

I did not change the code in anyway before it stopped working, in fact wasnt even working on the bot at all that weekend... I checked my pc for the usually things.. malware, viruses.. etc and to the best of my ability it seems clean enough. So i doubt the code was hacked or modified in anyway. Yet all the said the links seem exactly the same.. the html layout looks the same on the site. I wish i had taken a screenshot of rss pages and a screenshot of all the source page codes of each rss link so i would at least have something to compare with it. I might have then been able to see where the problem or change is.

Anyway, ill keep emailing mailing physorg, right now they seem to be my only hope of getting this working again.


Pangaea commented on a Page, Latets News from the world of Science (  -  Apr 15, 2012

ah nice.. tho that is specific to the hawkee forum?... did u post that in here by accident?
nice one tho

regarding the news script itself.. i tried lots of things, cant get it working anymore.. also tried a bunch of irc scripting chans.. nobody seems to want to help. Its a pitty i only got a few weeks out of this.. .. even tho we only had it working for a short time its sorely missed. I cant find any other rss or socket solution.
I even tried mailing physorg to ask if they changed the html in some way... didnt get a reply.

I dont suppose anyone on hawkee can fix this? or even tell me why is stopped working?


Pangaea commented on a Page, Latets News from the world of Science (  -  Apr 08, 2012

I should probably point out this is not working anymore whatsoever.
Didnt edit it in anyway.. i just woke up and its not working. Got others to try load it .. same thing. I myself reloaded it, rebooted..the bot..etc etc still a no go.
Have the sockets expired on this already? Its a shame i got about a month out of it.
Dam you RSS feeds.. dam you to hell and back.
Yet another perfectly working rss feed, suddenly decides to stop working, and yet again im now left with no rss solution.

Its beyond a joke now,, it really is
Im starting to think rss and irc was never going to work, at least not properly.. and certainly not for any substantial length of time.

Not saying its any fault of napa's ... I assume the sockets are old now.. but its just the same old story time and time again with anything to do with rss or sockets.

/me is not a happy camper this morning.
I suppose i should make a note of that in the snippet text up top here too.

Pangaea commented on a Page, Cobi's RSS Poster Updated  -  Apr 06, 2012

um.. came across one of fords oldies
Seems to be working (so far)..
I am getting a "![CDATA[" prefixing the title tho, not sure if its meant to be a date and time..
anyway i should be ok with this for a bit

Pangaea commented on a Page, Cobi's RSS Poster Updated  -  Apr 06, 2012

Hi cobi, I dont suppose uve updated this script in anyway since your last post? Ive run into trouble with these rss feeds again, had fords one working but now it doset seem to work any more.. I know i had trouble with yours in the past, but im trying this on a few diff client versions to see if i can get it working.
The recurring error on clients is:

  • /remove: unable to remove 'C:Program FilesMIRC5Forum-News:.rss' (line 50, RSS)

Am i entering this correctly?
/addrss Forum-News: index.php?action=.xml;board=;type=rss #FractalForums 6 60

its for this rss page:;board=;type=rss

Perhaps if someone is using cobi's with success can they test that link out for me? if it works, what client version is it working for you on?



Pangaea commented on a Page, Idle kicker  -  Apr 03, 2012

well .. pift .. i dunno i added the bloody things in

Pangaea commented on a Page, Idle kicker  -  Apr 03, 2012

i didnt want ppl thinking it was on piece of code.... i guess i could code each one.. argh

Pangaea commented on a Page, Idle kicker  -  Apr 03, 2012

is there anyway to make this de-voice rather then kick.. spent the last hour trying things, haven't a clue what im doing

i tried changing this line :
[ code ] .kick %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]


[ code ] -v %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] mode -v %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] .mode -v %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] -v $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] mode -v $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] .mode -v $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] .-v %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] .devoice %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] .devoice $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] devoice %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] devoice $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]
[ code ] mode .devoice %chan $nick(%chan,%nick,a,oh) Idle Time Limit is : %i.limit [ /code ]

.....bleh bleh bleh..etc etc
could be here all year tbh

anyone any ideas? or is it even possible to change the script to make it devoice not kick?


Pangaea commented on a Page, bad word replacer  -  Apr 02, 2012

crikey .. thanks. and its working very well up to an extent. but here is the "tricky" part of the problem, both chans have the same name.
This is working . if on chan1 someone types a line.. the bot will msg the same chan with the word censored.. but on the other server (same chan name) the bad word is still getting thru.. and i suppose also the bot shouldn't be messaging the source channel if someone talks there.

Im trying to make other scripts to go with this multiserver setup i have, but im finding everything is so much harder because both chan have the same name... ive kinda shot myself in the foot ;)

However I can perhaps fiddle about with things here to make this work.. i think the main ingredients are all there.

Superb job thanks :D

Pangaea commented on a Page, bad word replacer  -  Apr 02, 2012

yea.. tricky.. i guess something like this would have to be implemented into the relay code itself
.. hell it was worth a try ;)

cheers :D

EDIT.. is there such a thing as an "on msg" event?.. or equivalent
by on msg, i mean a state where it has text in buffer or whatever and its about to deploy.. um.. lol .. im crazy

Pangaea commented on a Page, bad word replacer  -  Apr 02, 2012

oh.. i kinda always thought on text events where processed if the text has already been messaged to channel.

ill give it a shot tho , cheers :)

EDIT.. naw.. tho i didnt think that would work anyway for the reasons i stated above

IF i myself manually talk thru the bot using its client the words are censored on both chans (using on input) .. but wont work while relaying chan text from one chan to the other

Pangaea commented on a Page, bad word replacer  -  Apr 01, 2012

no sure how this works, .. i added it to a bot that is linking 2 channels hopeing it would filter out words said in one chan before sending it to the other chan.

perhaps i got the wrong end of the stick

Pangaea commented on a Page, TwitFeed Twitter RSS Feed Poster  -  Mar 31, 2012

ah 6.35. What a fantasic vintage year

Pangaea commented on a Page, Ignore with a timer  -  Mar 30, 2012

hi Sultani.... i ran that code you posted, but it dosent seem to be working at all
Im trying to have the bot ingore ppl if they flood chan.
I tried to flood the chan, but the bot never ignored me
(yes i made sure i was un-oped when trying to flood)

i cant seem to find anything else like this here on hawkee or anywhere online

Pangaea commented on a Page, $nicks  -  Mar 29, 2012

hi brinxy, is there anyway to use this to write a list of nicks to a text file,, then if written to again delete the previous text or text file so it wont add nicks.

Im running a multiserver relay script and i want users from one chan on serverA to be able to for example !nicksB then get a list of all nicks in the other chan on serverB noticed to them. The trouble is both chans on either side of the relay have the same channel name.
Can you think of a way this is possible?

so if someone from #chan on serverA types !nicksB, bot will check and write list of all nicks from #chan on serverB into bnicks.txt .. then will notice bnicks.txt to that person.

If someone from #chan on serverB types !nicksA, not will check and write list of all nicks from #chan on serverA into anicks.tct then subsequently notice the person.

Is this even possible since the 2 chans are named the same? will it list all nicks in both chans, or only in the target chan of the command.

any thoughts/advice?


Pangaea commented on a Page, Multi-Server Management and Interface  -  Mar 26, 2012

yea, sorry got it working, i failed to see the "on start" or something like that... flash reading code again :/ my bad

oh, btw top job on the script.. will get great use out of this
if i didnt have a terrible flu ide give it 10/10 but alas it`ll have to be 9/10 ;)

well done.

Pangaea commented on a Page, Multi-Server Management and Interface  -  Mar 26, 2012

forgive my ignorance, but should this go in remotes or should i set a perform to load it?

Pangaea commented on a Page, !active (show no. of active nicks on chan)  -  Mar 26, 2012

knoeki, do you think there might be a way to make a a script to go with a multi server relay script so ppl can list nicks for the other channel via a notice as so not to msg the list of nicks in the target channel.
Like all nicks, as apposed to most active nicks

Pangaea commented on a Page, Lists nicks in a chan  -  Mar 26, 2012

hi Noutrious
is ther any possibility you could post the full script with the amendment you mentioned... I am trying to make a script for a multiserver chan relay that will enable users for one channel to be able to list all users in the other channel via a notice.

Pangaea commented on a Page, !topic  -  Mar 22, 2012

wonderful stuff grim
thanks so much for the help on this :)


Pangaea commented on a Page, !topic  -  Mar 22, 2012

hehe, sorry to ask another thing, but i just cant understand why the most "seemingly" simple things dont work

if ($nick == pangaea, pantest3) {
if i do that its not working on either nicks.. god i suck so badly

Pangaea commented on a Page, !topic  -  Mar 22, 2012

er my bad, its a worker now

Pangaea commented on a Page, !topic  -  Mar 22, 2012

thanks grim, tho funnily enough I had it originally at == and thought to take out one of the = since it wasn't working then either :/

Pangaea commented on a Page, !topic  -  Mar 22, 2012

Heya, nice work, how would i go about making it work for specific nicks..
i tried this as a test
ON :TEXT:!topic :*: {
if ($nick = pangaea) {
...etc etc

but its not working

Pangaea commented on a Page, Latets News from the world of Science (  -  Mar 21, 2012

ah, right :) but to be honest napa made the original code too... kudos to him for both i suppose

Pangaea commented on a Page, Latets News from the world of Science (  -  Mar 19, 2012

Thanks Nappa.. another fantastic cleanup.. god you make it look so easy.

Aucun50.. yes I know how painful it must be to look at my code, and yes I made lots of mistakes in it, which took me even more time to look through it to see where the mistake was. Napas version is so much better and more efficient , however the problem with napas is I wouldn't have a clue how to modify his at all. For example if I wanted to add or take out a feed on my code i would just delete or copy/paste another one down and edit a few things, but with napas the whole thing is integrated into one body of code. In addition if I only wanted one feed to return 2 results but another one to return 3.. or if I wanted the "start of return line category heading" to be in a different colour to the others.. i could quite easily modify my own code to do that.. but napas, despite it being a far superior piece of code, ide be totally stuck how to even start to workout how to make changes like that.
I need something flexible in the sense that its simple enough for me to edit in the future. Unfortunately because of my non existent coding skills, when it comes to running scripts on my bot I usually choose the most simplest & crudest scripts no matter how messy and un-efficient they are so at least I can edit it. In short what i mean is, i choose flexibility over efficiency.. (but i must stress I only think like that simply because i cant read or code anything complicated like napa did.)
For me to be up at the level of napa on others on this forum would require me to go back to university to do a degree in programming, which much as ide love to do, im at the age and stage of my life that I dont have time or ability (in terms of taking on such a heavy weight and academic discipline ). I know folks that have gone to college to study programming and they drop out after a few years because its too tough.. and they are far more academicly minded then me, so what hope have I got.

folks thanks for the suggestions, napa thanks once again for making the code far more smaller and efficient, and of course for the initial help with the original code.


EDIT: perhaps this computer hardware analergy might click with you. My code would be like an oldish slow desktop pc, one i can up grade or modify with relative ease. Napa code is like a super modern laptop.. works better, smaller, quieter, faster.. but much harder (at least for me) to modify or upgrade.

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