Oct 24, 2006

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GTi   -  Oct 24, 2006

@xDaeMoN i have to say that you have some of the more usefull sniplets and i use some of them everyday in my map ( xseen, cupbot, and probably some others lol )really enjoy them, this is a special thankz lol

GTi commented on a Page, Cup Bot v1.2 BETA  -  Oct 24, 2006

hello! this is my first post here, but i have been where for a while checking up on things. my point is that i am was setting a bot for the channel of big portuguese gaming online comunity, but now i wanted to use in the bot this script ( because it looks the best from what i have seen ) but i think that\'s it is a shame it doesn\'t have a !winner command.

It would also be cool if the bot sended randow messages to the channel, for example, a game was schedule for today, so all day long untill the war time it keeps sending messages with like 3600 time between.

Also is it possible for the bot to conect to a ladder/cup system ( from a site ) so it messages the channel with the games beeing played today that were schedule in the site? like clanbase uses in their channels..

can\'t remember anything more right now .. !winner !ranks ( for the ladder and cup ), the conection to a site and some more stuff i would remember when the bot would be in use!

tkz in advance if you do this little things!

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