Oct 11, 2006

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Superior commented on a Page, ]-[ellBot ChanSpy  -  Jun 21, 2009

One small mistake...

Mistake: if ($chan = #) {
Correct: if ($chan == #) {

Superior   -  Jun 11, 2009

Ow, good work guys!

Thanks for helping with the tests!!

And for the people who are interested: I am going to update my IRCManager script soon :D

Superior   -  Jun 09, 2009

Test comment :P

Superior commented on a Page, JS Unregkicker  -  Oct 08, 2008

Another small suggestion, if you want to know how long it takes before the next check is performed, you could add this line:*

  .Unreg Kick ( $+ $iif(%unregkick == on,On ( $+ $timer([unregkick]).secs secs left),Off) $+ ): {

*Replace with: .Unreg Kick ( $+ $iif(%unregkick == on,On,Off) $+ ): {

Superior commented on a Page, JS Unregkicker  -  Oct 07, 2008

However I am not familiar with the command unregkick, I suggest you change a few things:

menu nicklist { 
  .Unreg Kick ( $+ $iif(%unregkick == on,On,Off) $+ ): {
    if (%unregkick == on) {
      set %unregkick off | .timer[unregkick] off | .notice $chan Unreg Kicks will no longer be performed. 
    else {
      set %unregkick on | .timer[unregkick] 0 300 .msg chanserv unregkick $chan | .notice $chan Activation of timed Unreg Kick Confirmed. This channel is now periodically eliminating unregistered nicks. Please refrain from using such. 


This way it:
Will work at the first try!
Will work on the channel you are currently on!
Will silence the message to chanserv and the channel!

Overall, its a nice code, however you can do this with the level system inside chanserv too!

Superior commented on a Page, IRCManager1.33  -  Oct 07, 2008

What if the chan has a key? So would it be #chan (key),#chan ? Like that?

EDIT: Also where nick/password go, can there be a spot for ircops to put there oper pass in?

Both option will be added in the next version, which will be released as soon as possible on Hawkee. Currently it's not possible to enter key protected channels with IRCManager.

EDIT: I also can't get it to let me delete a server.

If you want to delete a server, follow the following steps:

  1. Select a server from the list.
  2. Click on the button 'Del Server'
  3. If you are sure, confirm by clicking again on the 'Del Server' button.
Superior commented on a Page, Guitar Hero Aerosmith random songs  -  Oct 06, 2008

I suggest atleast changing:

  /set %song $rand(1,30)


  var %song $rand(1,30)
Superior commented on a Page, Total channel protection v0.5  -  Oct 01, 2008

I pointed out (some of the) mistakes in the script, I think ChunkieMonkey will learn more of the scripting, if he fixes his mistakes himself! Ofcourse he can always ask how to :D

Superior commented on a Page, Secure Query For A Bot  -  Oct 01, 2008
on *:load:{ $owner }
alias owner { set %owner.nick $$?="Please Set Bot Owner:" }

on *:connect: {
  if (!%owner.address) {
    if ($address(%owner.nick,1) != $null) {
      set %owner.address $address(%owner.nick,1)
      notice %owner.nick Hello! You are now recognized as my owner under the address: %owner.address
    else {
      echo -a No owner recognition! 
      set %owner.nick $$?="Please Set Bot Owner:"

What about this... Not sure if it works, but I think it's clear what I mean..

Superior commented on a Page, Total channel protection v0.5  -  Oct 01, 2008

You have used 'set' twice..

set set %Nick $$?="Please enter the bots main nick."

Add a timer with an -u switch..

 ban %channel $nick 300

Add a -k switch to perform a kickban..

 .timer 1 4 ban %channel $nick 
 .timer 1 3  Kick %channel $nick

You want to reconnect the server after 60 seconds? Silence timer(s)...

on *:disconnect:%network:{
 timer 1 60 server %network
Superior commented on a Page, Bad Word Kicker  -  Sep 30, 2008
.mode $chan +b $+ $address($$1,5)

"$+" Why? -- "$$1" Why?

Superior commented on a Page, IRCManager1.33  -  Sep 30, 2008

How can I add more channels into channel box? I normally on over 10 channels but I can add only fews channel in the channel box on this script.

I updated the script, you can add now all the channels you want (notice: there is probably a max of channels you can join at the same time on your server). If you add or edit a server, you can enter the channels seperated by a ','!

Superior commented on a Page, Raw help  -  Sep 30, 2008

I really like the code, it's usefull for me! 8/10!

Superior commented on a Page, Bad Word Kicker  -  Sep 29, 2008

Agree! Sadly...

Superior commented on a Page, Bad Word Kicker  -  Sep 29, 2008

Ah, god damnit! I see you dont understand any of it...

Thanks for deleting the script I made! I really appreciate that, I will remember it...

Superior commented on a Page, Raw help  -  Sep 29, 2008

Hmm, it works!

First of all I didn't know that mIRC was providing this information about RAW commands! I was really curious yesterday and I have to say that I like it! I don't have the energy to take a look at the code, but I will later!

Superior commented on a Page, Bad Word Kicker  -  Sep 29, 2008

Uhh... Well, your script isn't useful! I wonder why you posted this...
This won't match the given words :S

Your solutions won't work either

on *:TEXT:*:*:{
  if ($1- == fark || Wanker || Dickhead || Pussy || Asswipe || Prick || !@#$ || @#$ || !@#$ || black || black || Nigga || Barstard || stfu || F(_)CK || Homo || Gay || Lesbo){
.mode $chan +b $nick
.mode $chan +b $+ $address($$1,5)
.kick $chan $nick $Nick Saying That Word is prohibited

This won't work either, incorrect usage of regex...

on @*:TEXT:*:#:{ if ($regex($1-,/fark|Wanker|Dickhead|asswipe|prick|!@#$|@#$|!@#$|black|black|nigga|barstard|Stfu|F(_)ck|homo|gay|lesbo)/) { kick $chan $nick Don't Curse } }

Why are you just doing $1-...
Think about that!

And when you have an answer, think about the fact why people are posting scripts... Yours make no sense...!
Sorry if this is hard for you, but I hope you learn from the script(s) we (the others and I) are posting! Try to get the best from all of them. Not by copying, but by understanding line after line...

With the knowledge you get from it, you can make scripts like this, which are even better than the ones posted above. If you get at that level, you can post it at Hawkee! Surprise us, with new scripts, better scripts, working scripts! Good luck ;)
I am sure that if you understand the knowlegde of mIRC scripting better, you will be inspired with great ideas!

Superior commented on a Page, IRCManager1.33  -  Sep 29, 2008

Thanks for rating! Why didn't you rated it as 10/10, with other words, what can I do better? What should be added?

I am already working on a massive update for this script, ideas are always welcome and constructive criticism is always appreciated!

Superior commented on a Page, IRCManager1.33  -  Sep 21, 2008

I really dont understand why you make the text boxes in the dialog table and then fill them with the text in dialog events instead of in the table.

If I see how I used the text boxes and how you are using them, I fully agree that you are using them much more efficient. I will certainly do something with this on the next update.

You should consider using $inputs for warnings such as the "Please select a server" warning that appears when they try and instead of reserving space in the dialog for an empty text box that isnt needed unless an error is made.

You remind me of something I didn't use for a very long time. At the moment I saw the word "$input", I thought: "God damn, that was what I was searching for..." :P

I also don't understand why you make those silly looking up and down buttons for your list instead of using the verticle scrollbar option in the list.

Those up and down buttons aren't for scrolling, but to re-order the servers. You will join the first server first, then the second, etc...

I noticed you have a timer unsetting that needs to be silenced. To silence it, put a . in front of the timer command, i.e. .timer 0 1 echo -a hi. Which will stop " 0 timer(s) matching ircm halted" from showing up in the status window.


I also noticed than you dont have an event on unload that unsets the left over variables so you may want to add that as well.

This will be available in, one of the, next updates. I already worked on something like an 'Uninstall' option!

Don't worry, I am not thinking that you are nailing me. I posted this script here, so that I can learn more. Like the '.' in front of the timer. I saw that box fields can be used on a much better way. I really appreciate your reply.
I will re-design the dialog, with the things that I learned from your reply. I am not going to copy yours, but you showed me a very very good example. Hopefully I can beat you in one of the next updates! Thanks Typo!

Superior commented on a Page, IRCManager1.33  -  Sep 21, 2008

First of all thanks for your replies!

I have made some small changes:

  • You will find IRCManager now also under 'Commands' at the menubar (Thnx 2 Xpl0reR) and when you open IRCManager it will not try to open the same dialog if it's already open, but it will bring the dialog to the front (Thnx 2 Typo)!
  • IRCManager will no longer try to identify you twice. This happened on the second or higher server you were joining.
  • Some other small code upgrades.
Superior commented on a Page, IRCManager1.33  -  Sep 20, 2008

This script is still under development! Comments, ideas, suggestions are very welcome!


Superior created a Page  -  Sep 20, 2008
1 593 

IRCManager 1.33 ((C) Superior)

Superior commented on a Page, Nintendo Wi-Fi Friendcode Script  -  Oct 11, 2006

I made this script, only ChainChomp has made some changes, but the script isn\'t working anymore! The codes of games are messed up!
sfc isn\'t TDS etc.!
And Justdabomb2, I am not familiar with Nintendo, I just made this script for fun :)

Superior commented on a Page, Friendcodes Script  -  Oct 11, 2006

Huh, I thought that I made this script? Didn\'t I...

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