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Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, r-iRC BarSys with r-iRC-Player  -  Aug 23, 2009

i don't know, why do you take pictures of yourself with your shirt off?

why does it matter how it's spaced? it's a coding preferance, it doesn't make the code any slower than having no spaces. only thing that matters is the quality of the code.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, I Need Help Please :)  -  Aug 18, 2009

The only thing $ibl won't catch is the Level shit he wants. Other than that $ibl is his best bet to retrive information about the bans on the channel.

P.S: Thanks for totally disregarding what I said about requesting help via snippet section.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, I Need Help Please :)  -  Aug 18, 2009

This is not the place to ask for help. Posting a snippet is to display your finished script. The forums on Hawkee are where you ask for helm. Click on "Forum" in the top bar and goto the mIRC scripting section and make your post for help there.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Nov 14, 2008

I just re-downloaded this .zip to see what you're talking about, and no files whatsoever are missing from mine. This is not an updated .zip as far as I know because the upload date on mediafire says:

Uploaded: 10/27/2008

All the images, .dlls and the readme are included in this .zip. I don't know what you did, but hopefully when you re-download it your problems will be solved.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Oct 31, 2008

ok no offence but it has compatibilty problems and is point less old version much better and customizable needs a re-think just my opinion but ya know i'm a noob also its to buggy to install seriously anycase criticism never hurt

What compatibility problems are there? I've yet to find any. How is it is pointless? The new version has the same things as the old version did, but with a few extra options, so how is the old version better? The installation is buggy how? The only thing that is slightly annoying is setting the paths to the .dlls, but even that only takes about a minute and is a one-time thing.

Please explain what's wrong with a script, why you don't like it, and what you think should be improved before giving a low rating.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Oct 27, 2008

Yeah, works fine now. Thanks a lot for updating the script so soon! If I come up with any more suggestions or find any more errors I'll post back. Thanks again, great script.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Oct 27, 2008

147 159 506 245 was the result.

It doesn't say what line it was on, it just says unknown command. I also get that error right after opening up the manager.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Oct 27, 2008

When I click the Mini mode button, a dialog error box shows up saying that there was an error and that the dialog has been restarted. I also get this error:
Error: unknown command (ITUNES.MANAGER)

Oh, and the rating thing still flickers, I don't know if you tried fixing that. The rest of it doesn't flicker though, which is nice.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Oct 27, 2008

Sounds great, looking forward to the next update.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, iTunes Manager - v2.02  -  Oct 25, 2008

I'm liking this script very much and find it very useful. Few things I'd like to see:
1) Option to have both progress bar and song title/artist, like it is in iTunes.
2) It doesn't seem to be able to change song rating. This would be a nice feature to have.
3) Ability to hide/show everything under the part of the player that has the play/pause/next song/back. If you don't get what I'm saying by this I could post a picture if needed, though it would be something similar to iTunes mini player (ctrl + m in itunes)
4) Ability to fast foward and rewind songs.

I don't know if you're still updating this but if you are those would be some nice features to have. All in all though it's a great script and I've yet to find any errors.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, Arbiter's power Alias  -  Oct 21, 2008

Lol, I love how I found this when I was trying to find an old version of my highlight script on pastebin. I wrote this so long ago <_< I belive when I gave it to you, Supermetalfreak, I posted it on pastebin. That post is probably deleted by now. Oh well, thanks for posting this and giving me credit. I acctually had some help on it on hawkee forums a while back.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, JavaScript Paragraph Toggle  -  Oct 05, 2008

Could you give me an example of how to call that? I'm not very good at Javascript but really want to use this code <_<

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, JavaScript Paragraph Toggle  -  Oct 04, 2008

I've just found this, and it's just what I need. I was wondering if there's any way to make it so if you have more than one thing being toggled, and one of them is open already and you go and open another one, it auto closes any that are open?

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, Highlight notifier  -  Sep 20, 2008

It would only ignore them when they say your name once if that's what you have it set don't set it that way.

Sir_Sonic12 created a Page  -  Feb 24, 2008

A highlight script that alerts you when your nick (or one of your customized triggers) is spoken/channel status changed. When mIRC isn't the active application, a window appears in the bottom right corner notifying you (I made this script before $tip was released, that's why I don't use it). Has the ability to log highlights and add Users and Service Bots to an exceptions list, so you're not highlighted..

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, Channel Record Script.  -  Feb 24, 2008

instead of having two on text events for ! and @record, you could do:

on $*:TEXT:/^[!@]record/Si:#:{

then just set a var like:

var %msgway = $iif($left($1,1) == @,msg $chan,notice $nick)

and then put %msgway record stuff here

Sir_Sonic12 created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2007

My first snippet ive ever posted here..Pretty self explainitory away script. Everything is done really from the menu, all the alias's are included. Thank's to xdaemon for helping me out with the $iif($var( a bit. theres options to set preset away reaons, and also an away nick that changes on all severs.

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, Battle Script Part Two  -  Dec 30, 2006

Just wondering, But since there\'s more then one part to the game why not put it in an addon?

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a mIRC Script, aCONNECT v2.0  -  Dec 10, 2006

When ever i enter my pass word in the pass box it makes it [Hidden] then when i try to conenct it says pass incorrect. =/

Sir_Sonic12 commented on a Page, Yoinx's Talker  -  Dec 02, 2006

Hey im getting this error ive gotten it 3 times so far and i dont knowwhat i was doing when i got it
/did: \'yoinxtalker\' invalid id \'500\' (line 309, script4.mrc)
This is line 309
did -a yoinxtalker 500 $calc(500 + %x) $left($nopath($findfile($+(\",$scriptdir,data\,\"),*.tlk,%x)),-4)

I dont know what thats about but just letting you know.

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