Sep 23, 2006

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Aaron89 commented on a Page, Simple PM Blocker  -  Sep 23, 2006

xDaeMoN, this is one of the most handy snippets I\'ve ever used. Before this, I created a simple one which consists of only blocking the PM, and giving an automatic response. By far the best feature of this, is the ability to see WHO has PMed you and at WHAT time. Moderating a chat isn\'t easy with \"ASL\", and \"HEY\" all the time.. sighs. You\'ve made it that much easier. Also, the \"Enable/Disable\" feature is easy-to-use, and works perfectly. Congrats.

One thing I would like to request (if possible) is to ability to give on exception to blocking PMs, more specifically, the server\'s services (CS, MS, NS, etc.) If this is not possible, no worries. I realize Yoinx has created one with that feature, but I much prefer yours.

Keep up the great work, xDaeMoN.

(PS- Yes, I DID create an account just to congratulate you on a job-well-done.)

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