Sep 20, 2006

mIRC Code Snippets

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Dec 02, 2006

Got bord and annoyed with people trying to ban me from my channel so i made this you can use it in your bot or on you in your mirc either way to add do alt+r make a new remote file and add this to it... this just kick bans anyone who trys to kick ban you... pretty simple i know but hay like i said i was bord lol

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Nov 27, 2006

This is a channel blacklist script that I made it is for your bot if it is kicked 5 times it will blacklist the channel that has kicked it storing it in the black.ini and part the channel telling them it is blacklisted next time it is invited.. to use do alt+r and past into your remotes To add to list type !addchan #channame To Remove type !delchan #channame To view if a channel is in the list type !viewblist..

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Nov 22, 2006

I know there is alot of auto voice scripts out there but I made this one and quite liked it compared to most I have found.. It welcome's the user on join and checks their status, if regular they will be voiced after reciving a notice saying voicing now... if op or halfop it will send a notice saying voicing canceled... and halt. to use do alt+R then copy to the remotes page !av-on to turn on !av-off..

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Nov 13, 2006

This is my first flood protection script

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Nov 09, 2006

to use this open your scripts editor with alt+R and past this to a new "Blank" Remote..

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Oct 31, 2006

Ok this is simple but for me its better that a plain on *:invite:#: { join $2 ... I made this because i was getting fed up with people flooding my bot and Pming it all the time

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Oct 29, 2006

This is my first game just past this into your remotes and create one text document in your bots folder called truth.txt and add your truth questions there, and one text document called dare.txt to add your dares to lastly make a document called pass to add your taunts to for if someone passes there go just remember to have it say someones name you need to type (u) instead of $nick... For e.g Aww Come..

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Oct 20, 2006

Ok here is a pm blocker that I have had help with to make from a few people on here but I though it would be good to post this as I tryed searching for somthing like this but found pretty hard to come across...

Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Oct 06, 2006

Here is my official first script YAY!

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