Aug 28, 2006
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corax commented on a Page, Text controll.  -  Oct 15, 2006

Heh. maybe $fulldate will be better than $time in this snippet but anyway it\'s not so bad as exist now.
@About Your comment brottor- No. This is telling You what exactly this person talking to everyone in the same moment when he/she sending messages to server.
You don\'t need talk to Him/her If U just want observe, also U don\'t need search in logs what she/he was talking about and when - ALL U have \"like on plate\".

corax commented on a Page, Notice System  -  Oct 06, 2006

Enjoy with new notice system, This will open for U one window. On this window U will be able to send and received some messages to some persons. Also You may open many of that kinds of windows (persons). Big plus of this is that U may type there like a normall message which will be see like notice message so..
You should knew how fast You will answer to the person You will notice.
Very usefull stuff. Fell free to vote it.

corax created a Page  -  Oct 05, 2006

This will tell You something special. This code is for receiving and sending messages with Your menu bar on channel, so You may open window and on this window send and received them. Simple use (ALT +R) and save there in New Remote.

corax commented on a mIRC Addon, Calculator  -  Oct 05, 2006

Fast, usefull & good with advertise option.
Good job!

corax commented on a Page, Text controll.  -  Sep 30, 2006

Thx, of course, but it was worked like one nick maked that. I was made this for controll someone becouse it was nessesary.
About notice- of course i type wrong (need some caffe sometimes), It will open this here in my client becouse normaly when someone noticing me i have another window. To fix this U may of course rechange (msg to notice) and then it will open It for sure. (But notice is better in my exception I still have difterent window and my idle time when I sleep is not changed)
About this what U tell l8r- Exactly as single i must, becouse i dont knew before how add more than \"only one\" .Yes Phariah. i wanted do it to do as multi \"if\" firstly but i didn\'t knew earlier how.
Again (something) Pariah for telling me how to do this as multi with \"if\" (It was reall pain in the ass) :)- Now with $($+(,,,*))on %matchtext + var %nicks = Nick1 Nick2 NickN3- at least multiple
if ($istok(%nicks,$nick,32)) { - it\'s much more better, great tip!
added time and server- to have more info.
Snippet updated, tested, checked, worked. Plz feel free to vote It.

corax commented on a Page, Text controll.  -  Sep 30, 2006

Hey, about snippet code. This is great controll, Remember put a name of the person without \"..\"- like for example:
if ($nick == person) {
It will open a notice window addressed to You if She/He tell something. like ()- means EVERYTHING.
If U want controll some more persons, not only one, use this (.) like:
.Text controller 2
and add this code
:text:$($+(,,,)):#: {
if ($nick == \"second person\") {
notice $me $replace($1-,
On that way U may get 2 targets when they moved on networks ^^
Usefull stuff, enjoy.

corax created a Page  -  Sep 30, 2006

Hey to You. It's a controll code, Use ALT+R and paste it on remote. This will tell You everything about a person which U want controll, all which she/he will do on channels. I added "if" here becouse U may choose a name which U want controll. It will notify U by (notice)- so even when U are sleeping, and U have channels with that person in common- U will noticed everything what She/He tell To someone. Updated,..

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 25, 2006

Hawkee thx ^^.
To be honest this Hawkee searcher like a little snippet searcher now is the best in all my engine :D
Yes Noutrious, I was used in Hawkee search snippet earlier (q= $+ $$input), after Yoinx Tip before www. i places ($), after name $replace($$?= here of course putting a frase and later addedd this as + which now giving more like one only word, $chr(32),+)). I wanted do this on that way.

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 24, 2006

Yea Yoinx Your tip was awesome, now I know what You mean, Hawkeee searcher is now almost perfect, It will search more than one words and It will find solution. Now snippet is much more better than before, Thx ;)
Snippet updated.

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 24, 2006

Yoinx thx for the tip of course but now i tell you why I argue..
You giving example :
= $replace($$?+=\"Put a word here and find the best Hawkee snippet\",$chr(32),+))
I had mine as:
= $+ $$?=\"Put a word here and find the best Hawkee snippet\"
Still i dont see any problem, still even after this what U type effect is the same.
And still it\'s great with or without it :)
I told You this is fault of redirect of the web, and this what U have there or not, so it was not needed.
Another thing is that this is working where You exactly want find \"the word\" I made it on that way to help You find it very quickly, which it doing good, so this fix is not needed ;)

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 24, 2006

Heh. for example You are searching word \" Help commands \" in Hawkee snippet section from my engine. Yep You can\'t find this from simple reason: look. (but only on example from word \"help command\")
This will direct You here becouse normally THIS direct You there. If You type in searcher (q= $+ $$input) I mean here: \" help \"and later \" commands \" You will get two of them. Searcher works for sure.
Not only this example.
Yoinx I know that You want see great snippet and i will make it better if this will be possible, but tell Me, Is this good for U?
Enjoy XD ;)

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 24, 2006

Thx. So about snippet, How U like it? ;)

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 24, 2006

I really wanted make something what help You get this what You want in the best time which is possible.
Exactly Yoinx, It\'s the faster way and this You have here.
About addon, yea i wanted add it here like addon not snippet only becouse of some people which dont know even that this exist. Don\'t tell me that it was not needed becouse It\'s usefull and should be.
Anyway i made also crack and serial engine but i dont add it here, guess why :)

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 24, 2006

Oh man, This is searcher, \"I named it search engine becouse what this doing?\", (another thing what for buid powerfull structure with dialogues if this will work without it?).
In the last to your sentence- \"I will\" ;)

corax commented on a Page, corax Engine searcher.  -  Sep 24, 2006

Hi. HEre You may vote what You feel about mine engine, I added this to snippet section but maybe better idea will be add to addons. Anyway I may always uprade this item becouse It\'s great in my opinion. Another thing is that THIS as searcher should make all easiest and faster for You. Have fun.

corax created a Page  -  Sep 24, 2006

(Alt+R)- New Remote, save as new. It's powerfull searcher, added 5 primaries web databases which are very needed for search items. 1Hawkee (snippets), 2Google, 3Wikipedia, 4Imdb (movies), 5Mp3 (lyrics, songs, artists).

corax commented on a Page, User And Chann Info- Unreal.  -  Sep 19, 2006

everyone cares how good it works! Noone would like unknown command
This is truth. Code updated, (BTW- I care how it looks).

corax commented on a Page, User And Chann Info- Unreal.  -  Sep 17, 2006

Hope that You will like It. A little usefull stuff with very quick access
to this what You want to know about those letters. Regards.

corax created a Page  -  Sep 17, 2006
1 733 

Alt +R and save it in remotes. It's little manual of popular "small and big letters" in Unreal. It's ONLY for understanding what it means and for sure It helping second user quickly get the point what is what. Has own menu, clicking on User and telling works too. Use: - Click on nick and use it. Simple and clean. Regards.

corax commented on a mIRC Addon, MP3 Console v1.56  -  Sep 14, 2006

Great addon which is very usefull and good one, It have own playlist, chosed per file and dir, advertising what is listening and many more. 0-errors in here. Great job, my favourite mp3 console now. Btw: In mIRC 6.2 works perfect too.

corax commented on a mIRC Script, Anacna ns2.15  -  Sep 14, 2006

This Anakonda have many great thing\'s like mp3 console, thx snake that U made another addon to \"her\" from this script. It was needed: I was checked some of those scripts and many don\'t want work with my client (It\'s UPP)- from Your script many features are great. Good work!!

corax commented on a Page, Idle & chan number grabber.  -  Sep 04, 2006

Excuse Me for that mistake. Thx Hawkee- Of course, yes now it\'s fixed.
Ps: this is the first attempt to scripting so plz guys if anything will be wrong tell Me and i try all the best I can to fix the problem with this what I may made incorrectly.
Once again: Regards To all of You guys.

corax commented on a Page, Idle & chan number grabber.  -  Sep 01, 2006

Phariah or maybe Faraon, whatever: Listen.
This is my last comment: I open 5 client\'s and on every of them it\'s not make any error\'s any echoing in any active statuses.
Sure this is very simple code and everyone may just tell that it sucks.
Don\'t like- don\'t use. The same as this what U type.
Still wonder where I may see any of Your snippets becouse I will comment them with pleasure.

corax commented on a Page, Idle & chan number grabber.  -  Sep 01, 2006

Pariah Dunno if U pasted it onto remote or no but seems that not. To Me it\'s usefull. Dunno also about what bullshit U talking- If U don\'t like it just say it but don\'t tell that it\'s not work dude couse must.
Correct Me if I\'m wrong but first open You\'re alt +R later paste it and then t3ll Me that it\'s working or not :P
It\'s very simple Iddle to everyone who hasn\'t this option in own client, and it telling U too on how many channel\'s is person which U whois. This is very simple whois and the most importand in this is fact that I don\'t want after whoising someone see doubled stat\'s about it :P

corax commented on a Page, Idle & chan number grabber.  -  Sep 01, 2006

It will work with every whois which U have and never doubled a score.
/whois & thx for viewing :)

corax created a Page  -  Sep 01, 2006

Add This into You're remote (Alt+R) and save. It's very simple snippet- Give's U Idle Time & channel number where /whois (ed) person is in common. Good thing of this snippet is this that it will no doubled Your whoising. It's simple and clean. Hope that U will like It Enjoy :)

corax commented on a Page, ZOOL  -  Sep 01, 2006

Incredible good!!!
ps: Wanna test Your\'e mIRC version- It must be SOMETHING!
Salut ;)

corax commented on a Page, Lugia Mp3 Player v1.0(Dialog-based)  -  Sep 01, 2006

Menu is nice, features it has too, but to be honest this is only visuall nice eye view. When i wanna turn it on or do something nothing hapened.
`Kazuma the same here.
*/splay: no such file.
Completelly not usefull in my client too. )(

corax commented on a Page, brutality mp3 player  -  Sep 01, 2006

It\'s working without any problems here- 2 years snippet but it\'s still on top. Classic & good one!

corax commented on a Page, -= DoN Mp3 PlaYeR =-  -  Sep 01, 2006

It has many nice thing\'s (like choosing coloured message what is playing), but!

  • Hasn\'t playlist.
  • Can\'t add dir.
    Not complete )(.
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