Jul 22, 2006

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Tinus created a Page  -  Aug 14, 2006

easy admin commands for any use the reasons and time are all fulled in for you please modify them if you do not agree in the 1st part are warnings like a kick and kill in the 2nd part are timed ban like a channelban and gline bot with reasons the 3rd part are permantly bans if you set those theres no way back you need delete them manualy

Tinus created a Page  -  Aug 03, 2006

the first part of this bot is to kick spammers the second pat is to kick assaulting people in the third chapter of the bot just change the name of the botadmins1 en 2 and the channelname to let the bot work this commands you speak in a private window the first rule is to make the bot say the thin gyou give up like !say hello everyone the second rules is to get ops (!+ command) the third is to take..

Tinus commented on a Page, Amip Controll  -  Jul 24, 2006

its a good script so just dont yell him out!understood:p
i gave it 2.5

Tinus commented on a Page, The Bot  -  Jul 23, 2006

simple bot just for amuters like me

Tinus created a Page  -  Jul 23, 2006

look at the commands and you wil know enough

Tinus commented on a Page, Tinus Bot  -  Jul 22, 2006

please note that i am an amature

Tinus commented on a Page, Tinus Bot  -  Jul 22, 2006

it works is very simple you will know why

Tinus created a Page  -  Jul 22, 2006

this is an simple snipit for your own bot only people who you add in your mirc user file like this 3:name can use this bot other while he will do nothing the first command gives you operator rights the second removes them the third wil kick the person you name like k name reason (this person gets an personal message of the bot why you kicked him this olso says gives the messaqge of banning) tis bot..

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