Jun 14, 2006
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The009 commented on a mIRC Script, SystemInfo  -  Jun 15, 2006 Unexpected end of archive

please re-zip it for us...

The009 commented on a Page, Advanced Spin The Bottle Ver 2.0.3  -  Jun 15, 2006

Revised Code. Didnt think about the old one how it could go into an infinate loop... it now works it will not go into an infinate loop. if you are using this script please update to the new version.

The009 commented on a Page, on join op script  -  Jun 15, 2006

on *:JOIN:#: { if ( $nick !isop $chan ){ goto 1 }
else { goto 2 }
if { $nick == Blah ) { goto 3 }
if { $nick == Blah2 ) { goto 3 }
//mode $chan +o $nick

Kinda More of an auto op scrip to add multiple nicks to the list just just copy and paste the if { $nick == Blah2 ) { goto 3 } and change the blah2 to what ever nick you want to use. and yes you still have to have ops in the chan that you are using this in

The009 created a Page  -  Jun 14, 2006

This is an advanced spin the bottle script it requires the players to be voiced in the channel to be a part of the game the bot or person running this must be oped to run for it has to be able to voice and un-voice players copy the code below into a mirc scrip and then load the script for users to be in the game they must type !play if they dont want to play they can type !stop and they will be devoiced.. the..

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