May 28, 2006

mIRC Code Snippets

RussellReal created a Page  -  Jan 13, 2007

This I'd have to say imo is the best events script out there, and is multi channel capable, the syntax =

RussellReal created a Page  -  Jan 12, 2007

acdicrnog to aolt of raheecerrss as it turns out we can aclualty read text lkie tihs and so I fiegrud hcek let me mkae an ailas that wlil MKAE me tlak like tihs lol

RussellReal created a Page  -  Jan 10, 2007

ping pong, pretty fun, You can't win tho ;) Yet.. but its still fun to play, type /pingpong to open the @window and rightclick and press "on" to play, to restart just use "on" again "off" just stops timers, and such. other than that enjoy, (First script release, besides my friends list on, come along way since my first appearance here) join #scripts on to chill with me ;)

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