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krimson commented on a Page, Your Bots Command List  -  Nov 01, 2006

that doesn\'t matter. notice or pm, dumping THAT many lines will flood

krimson commented on a Page, Your Bots Command List  -  Oct 30, 2006

@Brian: you don\'t really want that many lines sent to somebody. It will just dump all that text and cause flooding and such problems. You need to keep any output as concentrated in one line as possible. If you can\'t keep it in one line, use 2-3 lines, but with a decent timer between them

krimson commented on a Page, C&C Renegade IP Logger  -  Oct 29, 2006

Nice to see more complex scripts around here. I\'m not really a mirc user anymore (nor c&c), but from what I could see when reading this snippet, it looks ok. I also like the fact that you comment the code; this is very important for people trying to learn msl

krimson commented on a Page, Your Bots Command List  -  Oct 29, 2006

Again, not quite useful. You could turn this one in a very useful snippet by dynamicaly creating a list of commands, based for example on a text file. You could read and parse through all loaded .mrc files and see what commands do people have access to, and where they are active. If you need any help with how to do this, use the forum\'s mirc scripting section and ask for help.

krimson commented on a Page, Random Quote Snippet  -  Oct 29, 2006

I\'ve given this script 3 because it just a very basic example of the $read function. You should do some research and see what other quote scripts offer, and see what you can add to them. Posting the same type of script, with no extra functions is of no real use.

krimson commented on a Page, Channel Transfer  -  Oct 29, 2006

i see no reason for you to declare the relay network and channel for every line of text. you could use a popup menu (for example) to change those values and store them as global vars, not local.

krimson commented on a Page, shadow's room modes  -  Oct 18, 2006

using \'$1 $2-\' is the same thing as using \'$1-\'. no point in separating them

krimson commented on a Page, shadow's room modes  -  Oct 17, 2006

looks also matter. clean style of coding is prefered over the messy one. there are some problems with your snippet instead. have you ever tryed setting mode +A or +c? or any other mode you\'ve commented on? they will surley give you some trouble, as mirc will try to set all the modes after +. if you were looking for comments, drop them on a new line and prefix the whole text with \';\'.

another thing required would be a better description. only specifying \'just copy and past the code in ur script remotes\' is no good to anybody. you should post info about what the snippet does (for those who don\'t know MSL), for what network it was made and so on.

krimson commented on a Page, ZinC Script  -  Oct 12, 2006

you should never post your first script anywhere :) instead, do multiple scripts until you get to a superior level of scripting, and then post your scripts

krimson commented on a Page, Text controll.  -  Oct 02, 2006

@yves: all pieces of code you see in the comments area are just suggestions for the original author. when looking for \'the final version\' (well there is only one version), go to \'Grab the code\'

krimson commented on a Page, Log Snippet  -  Oct 02, 2006

you should be considering adding some kind of enable/disable support

krimson commented on a mIRC Addon, NO /ame script  -  Sep 23, 2006

keeping up the good work in msl will be a problem since i ditched windows some time after posting this addon. I\'ve currently ordered a new box and am switching to solaris :) perhaps if mirc will run ok under wine (i\'ve had some problems with this recently)..

krimson commented on a mIRC Addon, NO /ame script  -  Sep 22, 2006

wow.. it\'s finally here :D thanks for the review

krimson commented on a Page, Page ID. (i.e. index.php?id=1)  -  Sep 17, 2006

why use iframes when you can include the specific page or redirect to it?

krimson commented on a Page, duration()  -  Sep 17, 2006

Basically this will transform seconds in human readable durations. The first parameter of the function represents the number of seconds to transform, while the second represents how detailed will the transformation be (in his examples, duration 6 returns years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds, while duration 4 returns only years, months, weeks and days).

the biggest value $max_periods should have is 7 (years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds), but in some cases, the function will act as with $max_periods = 6 (when one of the time values is null).

I would vote this as a very useful snippet. good job

krimson commented on a Page, Idle & chan number grabber.  -  Sep 02, 2006

hah... nice try corax, but i don\'t think you could match Pariah when talking about mirc scripts.. he\'s been here way longer than you have and helped a lot of people meanwhile.

about the snippet now. it is utterly useless. as Pariah already pointed out, about all the info you echo to the active window is shown in the default whois, so you might as well make the whois show in the active window. regarding the brackets and groups problem, i don\'t know how it could work without properly closing brackets - ALWAY CLOSE AN OPEN BRACKET. you obviously have no clue on what groups are or do, so i suggest you catch up on this topic (/help groups).

another topic would be to mention what network you made this snippet for, as i can see that neither raw 308 nor 309 are common raws (as in i can\'t find them on networks like undernet or quakenet)

again this situation makes me think that a submission queue (like\'s one) is a great solution to filter out bad and useless scripts/snippets/addons/etc.

krimson commented on a Page, Easy Ban Protection  -  Aug 31, 2006

those protect and unprotect aliases are not so pretty. i would suggest using only one hostmask for protection (something like *!ident@host) and use wildcard matches to compensate for the other hostmask types

krimson commented on a Page, A few of my scripts ( Kick ,Ban ,Op)  -  Aug 28, 2006

don\'t use #channel, use either # or $chan. furthermore, you forgot to replace some channels (like #die or #LisanneChat).

why limit this to halfop ? check if the one who issued the command is at least halfop (that means including ops too).

using on 1:TEXT:!kick:* has some problems. for example, the trigger will set off if you recieve the text !kick either in prv or in a channel, regardless of it\'s possition or if there are any other chars appended to it. (this means it will set off for !kick, adsf!kickSDa and any other combinations with !kick inside -> this makes the use of $2 useless)

krimson commented on a Page, quicknick  -  Aug 27, 2006

you should have some default values (like adding a suffix to the nick currently in use), and show the saved nicks in the menu once set up

krimson commented on a Page, Poll system by jonypaul  -  Aug 17, 2006

you should test this and have 3 people typing !commands with very short delays. dumping text this large will get you flooded out. nickserv can do that because it\'s a registered service, and it doesn\'t exceed flood.

krimson commented on a Page, Poll system by jonypaul  -  Aug 16, 2006

when typing !commands, you\'re basically dumping 11 lines of text. what if somebody actually uses this script on a larger scale? without using a queue system to manage the output, the user would obviously flood off

krimson commented on a Page, Channel greet - works on times of the day  -  Aug 14, 2006


krimson commented on a Page, Channel greet - works on times of the day  -  Aug 13, 2006

i find this rather useless. there\'s one big problem with it too.. for each user joining any chan you\'re on, you\'ll output 3 lines. if used in channels with high join/part traffic, then you\'ll sureley flood out

krimson commented on a Page, Nick Changer & Saver  -  Aug 03, 2006

i forgot to add to my previous comment that you\'d need to check if the dir files/ exists pefore attempting to write to a file inside it. otherwise you can\'t save any data

krimson commented on a Page, Nick Changer & Saver  -  Aug 03, 2006

what\'s the password for? is this supposed to be a nickserv identify script?

bugs & improvements:

  • a way to remove the nicks from the list
  • you don\'t get data back from the file once you put it there (if you close the dialog and open again, it would be completly blank) - this should be fixed
krimson commented on a Page, anna-Bot  -  Aug 03, 2006

this snippet\'s poorly written.. you\'ve put \'#chatplaza\' where it should have been \'$chan\', and used a lot of on text events that are not that efficient.

for example, in the so-called \'anti-spamming part\', you check if \'www\' is the first part of a message, if the spammer starts with anything other than www (even a control char, such as bold, color etc), it won\'t set-off, hence rendering your \'anti-spam part\' useless. same thing for \'assault\'.

I myself would rather use level-based access to important commands
/help /auser
/help levels

krimson commented on a Page, L33t Talker  -  Aug 03, 2006

there\'s no point in posting this two years after the last update ...

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