Apr 03, 2006

mIRC Code Snippets

Naemuti created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2007

This is a simple custom identifier where you enter two numbers and the asc value of a character to seperate them with and it gives you a list of numbers between the first two, sperated by the character you specify.

Naemuti created a Page  -  Dec 12, 2006

This is just a simple gaydar script. It's not very original, but it is fun. :)

Naemuti created a Page  -  Aug 23, 2006

Well...This is just my variation on the pass the hbomb game. It's a variation of the Hot Potato Game, only the Potato is...a bomb!!! You have to pass the bomb and make sure you don't have it when it explodes! If you do..bad things will happen. It has a min/max bomb time, return to sender, bot can play, idle/away protection, difficulty levels, different punishments for losers, and all the settings can..

Naemuti created a Page  -  Jun 11, 2006

I dunno why I made this snippet. Basically what it does is if a user joins using n00b-irc or Java IRC they get kicked and banned. This is useful if you have a channel like #scripting where you only ask scripting questions or something like that.

Naemuti created a Page  -  Jun 05, 2006

Used as a custom identifier to turn a string of text into a line of $chr values.

Naemuti created a Page  -  Jun 04, 2006

This is a really easy-to-use slapper that adds/deletes slaps, and can do random, selected, and mass slaps. It also has a built in nicklist that updates when the list of users in a channel changes.

Naemuti created a Page  -  May 22, 2006

A quotes dialog that has Add/Delete, Selected and Random quote saying.If you have any questions at all or improvements to the script, post them here or contact me on (I'm CaptainHollyShort/Pieman!).

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