Mar 01, 2006

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G3|Tren commented on a mIRC Script, n3rd v1  -  Mar 02, 2006

Well first of all this is a great Bot, I love it because it is very programmable; if you have text pad you can edit w/e you want, I am currently working on combineing the Rock-Paper-Scissors game from the rps-bot into n3rd. But of course, with every good thing there is a few bad things. I have two complaints about this bot: (1)Its responces can be a little \"vulgar\" for my taste. (Easily fixed) (2) As everyone knows, this Bot always crashes due to \"excess flood\". Well I am happy to say that I have found the source of the problem and I am WORKING ON FIXING IT. When I get it fixed I will upload the file w/ some simple instructions and post a download link here. I am glad to help and with this soon-to-come bug fix, this Bot will be a great addition to your IRC channel. Note: I have also done some \"slight\" moditoring to fix my first problem. They are nothing special but I can upload the moderated files upon request.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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