Feb 17, 2006
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therannmann2000 commented on a Page, idle trading script  -  Mar 04, 2006

How about this?

part %chan. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] Idle agreement broken by $nick $+ .

This way they know why the bot is leaving. If a nick parts, then they could just not end the idle agreement, and not idle your channel, while the bot still idles them. An obvious glitch already in this script is the fact that if the user changes their nick, they can leave without the bot catching it. Since I don\'t run this on a dedicated server, usually every couple days it reconnects and I lose all the channels anyway. It doesn\'t matter if I idle a couple extra channels, because I can\'t join too many :D

therannmann2000 commented on a Page, Andrew's Command Line  -  Feb 21, 2006

I see .action and .say, but nothing for private messages. Maybe a .msg also, or .msg INSTEAD of .say (so you can .msg $chan, or .msg $nick). Other than that, looks like everything is well done :D

therannmann2000 commented on a Page, .view  -  Feb 21, 2006

On major servers (or any with flood protection), using play you might want to add a delay. (ex: /play $2 3) A 3 second delay is usually fine. Just a heads up :D

therannmann2000 commented on a Page, Pickup Line Generator  -  Feb 20, 2006

I like Care Taker\'s idea. That\'s what I would\'ve done. Instead of writing \"if (%line == number)\" over and over again, you could have just had the pickup lines in a text document and $read it... it\'ll automatically choose a random line.

therannmann2000 commented on a Page, Welcome Script for Your Bot  -  Feb 20, 2006

on 1:JOIN:#:{ /msg $nick Welcome $nick .::.It Is $Time And today is: $date .::. } { /notice $chan $nick has joined the conversation- $time .::. $date } { /notice $nick you have joined the conversation sucsessfully }

A couple things... first off, I think $asctime would be better used here than $time. Most users don\'t want to read a 24 hour format... $asctime(hh:nntt) would return a 12 hour format with am/pm at the end. (and the date could be the same way, but that too is personal prefrence)

Secondly, I\'m not sure too many people would stay in the channel this script is running if everytime someone joins they get a notice. I don\'t know about you, but if I\'m in a channel that gets more than one notice a day, I usually part because it\'s really annoying. Notices are meant for important things unless it\'s an on join notice to the person who just joined. Don\'t do channel-wide notices.

Thirdly, if your \"bot\" joins the channel, it will welcome itself. At the very beginning you should put \"if ($nick == $me) halt\" and put everything else in an \"else\" statement.

therannmann2000 created a Page  -  Feb 17, 2006

This is a very simple script that works by the user's nick. Set up a timer (ie: /timer1 0 3600 /amsg Please idle #chan (pm me to trade idlers 1 for 1)) so that people know to pm you for the idler script to kick in. When someone PMs the client this is loaded in, it will message them with instructions on how to trade idlers. The point of this is to run in the background (ex: a different mIRC client..

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